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All Honeywell Users Group Documentation

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Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 27 Oct 2016 |  Size: 2MB
Honeywell’s Integrated Protective Solutions deliver Safety Shutdown, Fire & Gas, Physical and Cyber Security holistically across process facilities. Together these solutions ensure that process, plant, people and environment are safer and more secure than ever before. You can find out more in this presentation.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 26 Oct 2016 |  Size: 2MB
The results of our recent cyber security survey are in. We’ve compared our findings with leading industry threat research, as well as our own firsthand observations gleaned from hundreds of cyber security engagements worldwide. So what’s perception and what’s reality? This session covers some of the most intriguing conclusions about today’s real cyber threats.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 22 Jun 2016 |  Size: 2MB
This presentation covers Honeywell’s Integrated Protective Solutions that deliver safety shutdown, fire & gas, physical and cyber security holistically across process facilities.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 19 Nov 2015 |  Size: 1MB
This presentation will explain the emerging workforce assurance space, and the methodologies for implementing an attribute-based access control system.
1-4 of 4 results

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