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Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 4 Oct 2018 |  Size: 3MB
Honeywell has developed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data analytics capabilities which serve, and are tailored to, utilities, oil & gas and renewable energy customers. These software capabilities, coupled with UAV inspection service, deliver increased safety and efficiency for data collection to markets using application-specific drones. Artificial intelligence-based algorithms applied to offloaded UAV data turns inspection info into actionable information. This session will discuss Honeywell’s capabilities for UAV-based inspections and data analytics capabilities.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 7MB
Learn how Honeywell’s new patented technology, Profit Executive, delivers dynamic real-time plant-wide optimization more robust, easier to use and easier to maintain. Capture additional profit through plant-wide optimization that goes beyond typical APC boundaries.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 4MB
Periodic inspection and regulatory calibration requirements can help ensure that quality, performance and reliability of an Ultrasonic Flow Meter (UFM) in the field is maintained. However, it is still necessary to keep UFMs running smoothly and safely throughout their operating life cycle, to minimize potential miss-measurements or lost and uncounted for gas between calibration intervals. In such situations, predictive maintenance and failure prevention strategies are becoming a remarkable proposition that offer clear productivity and cost benefits.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 4 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
"With ageing manufacturing plants, the need for investment in modernization is abundantly clear if sustainable competitive advantage is to be ensured. Particular emphasis lies with the plant automation system where return on investment is generally recognized as more readily achievable and at the earliest, given the short innovation cycle. Leveraging automation strategies and capabilities through simplified, cost effective migration to proven new technologies while preserving the existing investment in plant engineering is seen as key to overall success. Migration of non-Honeywell Systems to Experion is an attractive alternative towards an integrated long-term modernization strategy. In this session, the steps to a successful migration using suitable examples from success stories will be looked at as well as the importance of the upfront work. Aspects of cold/hot cut-over and the available productivity tools as part of the LEAP workflow in achieving a more efficient migration will be examined."
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 3MB
Thousands of process data are generated and recorded in databases. Information included there can be very profitable for process industries. Data insight and the right decision might protect, prevent, and improve processes in production industries by decreasing process risk, increasing operational integrity and improving process performance.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 4 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
A step-by-step look at how Honeywell’s DynAMo software portfolio delivers alarm system improvement. From benchmarking and reporting, to rationalization and analytics, these are the next-generation tools you need to proactively manage your alarm system (includes Roadmap updates).
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
What if there was a solution that enabled producers to detect and solve potential unplanned outages before they occurred? Increasingly, operating companies look to the IIoT to help them tackle these critical problems. New intelligent tools partnered with technical expertise are awarding gains not previously thought possible. The concept of using a cloud-based platform is quickly becoming the foundation for connected solutions and services that address these customer needs, providing performance through the most advanced monitoring, analytical, and predictive capabilities now available to the end user. This presentation will highlight a scenario around a new cloud-based service from Honeywell Connected Plant that is targeting these challenges, providing industrial users with around-the-clock monitoring of plant data and rigorous simulations, and on-going operational health checks and recommendations to close performance gaps and drive operational excellence.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 3MB
Distributed Resources (like Renewables, EV, and Battery Storage) have altered the energy distribution model and is changing the way utilities do business. This session will touch on the history, current state, and future of power delivery over an ever-evolving and dynamic grid.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 3MB
End-2-End connected prepayment solutions utilizing state-of-the-art smart meters with the latest communication technologies combined with powerful software solutions are providing enhanced opportunities for all Utilities (Electricity, Water & Gas) to enhance the collection and protection of billing revenues. This presentation reviews connected prepayment technologies and their benefits, the End-2-End solutions available from Honeywell, and the potential challenges faced by Utilities in solution implementation.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 4 Oct 2018 |  Size: 5MB
Honeywell continues to innovate its OneWireless offerings and recently introduced Field Expandable Wireless IO (FEWIO). FEWIO is one of the great new features of OneWireless R310 OneWireless™ Network - Multiprotocol Wireless I/O & System, that also supports ISA100 Wireless, WirelessHART and Wi-Fi. With FEWIO you can now cost-effectively connect (remote) PLCs to the DCS. This session will provide a technology update of the latest innovations including FEWIO. Don’t miss out to learn about FEWIO and other innovative new features of OneWireless and how to benefit from up to 50% cost savings relative to traditional wiring at your current and next projects!
1-10 of 655 results

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