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Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 26 Oct 2016 |  Size: 2MB
The perfect storm is looming on the horizon for many customers. Aging workforce and technology are leading to lost profit opportunities. Are you prepared? Honeywell’s Experion Local Control Network (ELCN) provides safe harbor by merging TotalPlant System (TPS) and Experion into one system.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 25 Oct 2016 |  Size: 2MB
The amazing benefits the IIoT can potentially offer businesses and the economy has mesmerized companies and nations alike. While there is a lot to be excited about - it is essential to be aware that IIoT digital business transformation is not a one-step process. Learn from this session what leading companies are doing today, how you can get started, and what is coming next in the rapidly growing world of OPC UA/IIoT data connectivity.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 27 Oct 2016 |  Size: 4MB
UniSim® Design Suite, Honeywell’s process simulation solution, provides an intuitive and interactive process modeling solution that enables engineers to create steady-state and dynamic models for plant and control design, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, operational improvement, business planning, and asset management. This presentation covers the major developments introduced with the UniSim® Design Suite R450, launched in August 2016, in the areas of safety system design, heat-exchanger design, flow-assurance and sub-sea operations, and support for refining.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 25 Oct 2016 |  Size: 3MB
This presentation will demonstrate how, by extending data mining from various parts of the plant, metering redundancy is increased and modelling of the data enables the user to anticipate, collaborate and subsequently, act rapidly to improve plant productivity and maintain it at the highest possible level all the time.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 26 Oct 2016 |  Size: 3MB
Migration of process control devices is the critical part of control system modernization that includes significant capital investment, engineering and installation effort. The upgrade of the TPS control infrastructure to the Unified Control Environment brings more benefits that lead to operational sustainability and high returns of investments. In this presentation, you can see how HPM controller modernization, as never before, becomes a simple task with the first “true” on-process migration.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 27 Oct 2016 |  Size: 4MB
This presentation outlines the use of modular approach in order to maximise the activity in the lower cost part of the value chain. It outlines what is modularity, providing examples (including modular process plants by UOP, integrated HPS/UOP solutions, LER/RIE supply by HPS and complete skids manufacture); why a project would use modularity; and provides some of Honeywell’s experience in providing modular solutions
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 27 Oct 2016 |  Size: 4MB
In this session you will acquire a basic understanding of an electrical control management system and understand how Experion can operate as a single integrated process control/electrical automation system. Learn the benefits of an integrated single system for both process and electrical systems.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 27 Oct 2016 |  Size: 3MB
Honeywell’s LEAP™ solution brings together three technologies – Universal Channel Technology, Virtualization, and Cloud Engineering – to revolutionize project execution. Explore the three LEAP™ technologies in this session, and discover the latest feature that will simplify the process of connecting smart field devices to the Experion PKS system.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 27 Oct 2016 |  Size: 1MB
Brownfield projects are known for having their own unique set of challenges when it comes to migrating/replacing the aging process automation system. This is due to varying degrees of obsolescence and/or lack of support. In this presentation, you can learn how applying LEAP principles, coupled with the use of integrated tools and robust workflow, can provide greater certainty through less reliance on traditional project dependencies and use of standard designs.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 26 Oct 2016 |  Size: 2MB
Internet connectivity has rapidly extended beyond people to “things” — as devices, sensors, controllers and actuators are able to be connected by what we now know as the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT. Honeywell has been involved with process data management for more than 40 years and has more than 90 million connected products and solutions worldwide. See how Honeywell can help customers unlock the true value of their data through the use of advanced data analytics and process expertise within a secure IIoT framework.
1-10 of 71 results

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