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Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 22 Jun 2015 |  Size: 4MB
Advanced Control and Optimization have been proven for decades - this presentation covers currently available components of Profit Suite and the new developments underway and how UOP technology adds engineering expertise and insight to the solution.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 17 Jun 2013 |  Size: 8MB
This presentation shows how Profit Suite integrates powerful features such as range control, matrix protection, CV tuning, infeasible CV protection, MV prioritization, enhanced windup handling, optimization/constraint balancing, enhanced prediction initialization, very sophisticated model identification algorithms, and a unique operator user interface.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 5 Aug 2012 |  Size: 2MB
This presentation offers an overview of the key challenges addressed by Honeywell's Profit Suite, examines the benefits it brings, and shows how users can sustain their regulatory and advanced control technology investments over the long term.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 10 Jun 2012 |  Size: 2MB
Honeywell's Profit Suite solution helps plant operators improve safety, reliability, and efficiency in individual unit operations and across the entire production value chain.
1-4 of 4 results

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