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Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 13 Aug 2019 |  Size: 401KB
Latest connected technologies for Plant, Personnel and Process Safety aligned with Industry 4.0.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 4MB
Honeywell QCS supports digitalization of Pulp, Paper and other types of Continuous Sheet Production Business by providing flexible options for integrating QCS data with Honeywell Connected Plant Technologies and Expert Guided Services for Connected QCS. Honeywell QCS measurement and control products improve quality and production control performance of continuous sheet process, reducing product variation, recovery from process transitions, improving conversion of raw material and energy to high quality sheet products. New Q5080 Scanner platform for non-paper sheet production lines along with new sensor technology, applications for sheet metals production are examples of recently launched best-in-class QCS solutions. Honeywell QCS solutions, Experion MX and MXProLine employ Experion PKS technology and can be easily integrated with Experion PKS and associated HPS products.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
Augmenting your industrial cybersecurity expertise with Managed Security Services can improve how consistently you manage risk reduction, increase visibility across key ICS security metrics, and reduce costly patching efforts. Learn the latest about how Honeywell field consultants and Managed Services leaders handle security efforts for customers, including running remote access across multi-vendor PCNs and regularly monitoring and reporting on risk reduction activities.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
Honeywell is in the unique position of being both a producer of advance process control, safety instrumented safeguard systems and – in our Advanced Materials group – a specialty chemical operating company that uses these controls and safety systems. In Advanced Materials, we have been collecting and analyzing “real-world” data on Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) and other Independent Protection Layers (IPLs) for some time now. We’ve had our Process Safety Analyzer functionality and are adding capability via our Uniformance Asset Sentinel capability. In this presentation, we will describe the results of one part of this work and how we are using this information for our PHA/LOPA revalidations, and to help us comply with IEC61511 for the Operation and Maintenance phase of the Safety Life Cycle.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 4 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
Honeywell Trace is a new generation documentation and change analysis software for engineering configuration activities. Trace documents and retains the tribal knowledge performed on your control system - learn how it prevents undesired behaviors while increasing uptime, visibility and control.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 4MB
Periodic inspection and regulatory calibration requirements can help ensure that quality, performance and reliability of an Ultrasonic Flow Meter (UFM) in the field is maintained. However, it is still necessary to keep UFMs running smoothly and safely throughout their operating life cycle, to minimize potential miss-measurements or lost and uncounted for gas between calibration intervals. In such situations, predictive maintenance and failure prevention strategies are becoming a remarkable proposition that offer clear productivity and cost benefits.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 2 Oct 2018 |  Size: 3MB
Learn more about continuous innovation with On-Process Migration from HPM to EHPM, reduction of LCN load and more! Enhancements for TPS bring more benefits that lead to profitability, security and sustainability. As never before, HPM controller modernization becomes a simple task with minimal effort. This includes on-process upgrade options, incremental step-wise modernization and full retention of configuration, database, applications, and displays.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 3 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
What if there was a solution that enabled producers to detect and solve potential unplanned outages before they occurred? Increasingly, operating companies look to the IIoT to help them tackle these critical problems. New intelligent tools partnered with technical expertise are awarding gains not previously thought possible. The concept of using a cloud-based platform is quickly becoming the foundation for connected solutions and services that address these customer needs, providing performance through the most advanced monitoring, analytical, and predictive capabilities now available to the end user. This presentation will highlight a scenario around a new cloud-based service from Honeywell Connected Plant that is targeting these challenges, providing industrial users with around-the-clock monitoring of plant data and rigorous simulations, and on-going operational health checks and recommendations to close performance gaps and drive operational excellence.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 2 Oct 2018 |  Size: 4MB
Performing field operations and maintenance requires knowledge and expertise. Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight for Productivity brings this knowledge and expertise to the field, for workflow and document visualization, video capture storage and sharing, on demand remote expert support using live video and field task analytics.
Document Type: HUG Document |  Date Authored: 2 Oct 2018 |  Size: 2MB
Currently all interactions with Electricity meter need powered meters or an inbuilt power source which limits accessibility of meter data during shipment, commissioning, storage, power outage and similar situations. This makes logistics, logistics and maintenance expensive for the utilities.
1-10 of 303 results

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