Design Flexibility

Design Flexibility

ControlEdge PLC offers a variety of I/O choices for flexibility and reduced system cost. HART enabled I/O means no additional costly hardware to support HART. Features like built-in EtherNet/IP and Profinet in the Controller enable integration with a wide range of I/O modules, drives, devices, and controllers supporting these protocols.

ControlEdge PLC provides the best investment protection on the market.

ControlEdge PLC uses LEAP™ lean execution to reduce project risk. It is the first PLC to offer Universal I/O, allowing I/O channels to be quickly configured to serve as analog or digital and as input or output. Engineers can easily accommodate late changes remotely with a simple software configuration adjustment.

LEAP ™ enhancements to the PLC also allow cloud-enabled engineering through our Virtual Engineering Platform (VEP) for simulation to support engineering, training, and testing without requiring hardware.

ControlEdge Builder is an IEC61131-3 compliant integrated configuration tool to easily design, configure, program, and maintain your PLC investment. The same tool is used by both ControlEdge PLC and ControlEdge RTU, reducing training and maintenance costs at facilities using both products.