System Integration

System Integration

Honeywell can serve as your single vendor for all automation needs, including DCS, PLC, Safety Control, SCADA, Instrumentation, Field Device Manager for asset management, and an HMI panel – all with seamless integration and support.

Coordination is easier with fewer teams and direct access to system knowledge, and auto-configuration of PLC data points in Experion Server means easy updates and faster project deployment. A single point of responsibility reduces both risk and cost with fewer coordination errors, less engineering, faster installation, less training, and reduced hardware.

Field Device Manager (FDM) provides fast and accurate commissioning of field devices and simplified diagnostics, resulting in fewer site trips. Combining FDM with the HART IP open standard offers design flexibility and protection of existing site investments.

Operator effectiveness is increased with a common HMI across system applications and pre-built diagnostics. Results are fewer operator and engineering stations, less hardware and wiring, reduced IT licensing and training, fewer errors, and increased efficiency and availability. You benefit from reduced cost over the lifecycle with smaller footprint and easier maintenance.

The Experion Panel PC (Experion PPC), provides a touch user interface and consistent HMI for an operator either in the field or in the control room. Consistent displays for ControlEdge PLC alarms, trend, diagnostics and history result in better emergency response and improved plant uptime.