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The Undiscovered Country: The Future of Industrial Automation
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to be the most influential and disruptive influence on automation systems since the advent of microprocessor based Distributed Control Systems – is your organization ready to realize its benefits?
Honeywell offers a free white paper to help you understand:
• The core nature of IIoT
• What an IIoT architecture looks like
• The evolution of today’s digital automation   systems to IIoT
   Download the white paper to discover how you can benefit from IIoT in your industry.
About the authors
  Paul McLaughlin
Paul McLaughlin is Chief Engineer at Honeywell Process Solutions. Paul carries 35 years of automation industry experience and has degrees in mathematics and computer science from the University of Delaware and the University of Pennsylvania respectively.
  Rohan McAdam
Rohan McAdam is Chief Architect at Honeywell Process Solutions. Rohan carries almost 30 years of industrial process control experience and has a degree in mathematics and a PhD in computer science from Charles Sturt University as well as a master’s degree in cognitive science from the University of New South Wales.
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