Secure Remote Access and Support

Today’s investment in technology, risk of pandemic, and rising cybersecurity threat is a reminder that old security access measures are no longer enough and must look to safer and more advanced cybersecurity safeguards that allow employees to connect to their industrial systems and critical infrastructure.

Honeywell is uniquely positioned to help companies struggling with the sudden need of having employees work remotely. Our MSS Secure Remote Access offering is an industrial-grade solution that is safer, more responsible, and more controlled use of remote service capabilities that enables service delivery, troubleshooting, to remotely support operations at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Secure remote access is critical to mitigating cyber threats and ensuring operational and business continuity in OT environments. Traditional solutions, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Remote Desktop (RDP/RDS) alone may not provide enough mitigation of cybersecurity risks when used for remote engineering and operational control of ICS/OT. Industrial operators and system managers need to be able to manage equipment more securely without exposing the entire organization to cyberattacks.

With MSS Secure Remote Access, companies can:
  • Continue Business Operations
    For employees that are not able to access the workplace due to travel restrictions or isolation orders, Secure Remote Access enables them to continue working remotely with industrial grade security from anywhere in the world. It provides more secure connectivity to critical networks for your staff, Honeywell support teams, or third parties.
  • Respond to Operational or Cybersecurity Incidents Faster 
    Off-site experts can support local onsite teams, to both operational and cybersecurity events, remotely at a faster rate – potentially minimizing the severity of impact. Additionally, the ability to respond remotely eliminates travel time and travel costs, which proves to be especially vital during these difficult times of cost cutting measures and travel restrictions.
  • Reduce Cyber Risk
    MSS Secure Remote Access delivers industrial grade cybersecurity that goes well beyond standard VPN and Remote Desktop Services with granular controls such as multifactor authentication, customer controlled authorization, real time supervision, session recording, termination, and play back capabilities provide industrial grade remote access that is more secure than traditional VPN/RDP.  
  • Supported on Honeywell and non-Honeywell Environments and Users
    MSS Secure Remote Access allows any of your trusted staff, contractors, third-parties, or Honeywell to use the service. It can be used to connect to virtually any environment, not just your Honeywell infrastructure, for industrial grade remote access.
Companies will be required to make tough business decisions considering the challenges facing the world. Honeywell has more than 100 years of industrial experience and over 15 years of industrial cybersecurity domain expertise. We are the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, protecting the availability, safety and reliability of industrial facilities worldwide.

Honeywell’s complete portfolio includes cybersecurity software, managed security services, industrial security consulting, and integrated security solutions. We combine industry-leading expertise in cybersecurity and decades of experience in process control, for the best solution in an OT/ICS environment.

Other Services Available from Honeywell Managed Security Services

Patch Automation
Many Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) solutions rely on Microsoft operating systems that have patches and security updates each month. Our Security Updates Investigation Team (SUIT) rigorously tests and qualifies them across our HPS product portfolio.

Leverage MSS to help you automate the secure and trusted transfer of these SUIT tested and qualified Microsoft and Experion security updates to your industrial site. We help support the automated distribution of patches to endpoints, while you remain in control of when the installation occurs. This service is designed to remove the manual work required to comply with your organizations patching standards and assist you in eliminating vulnerabilities that could impact operations stability and safety.

Antivirus Automation
Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) is testing and qualifying antivirus definitions and signatures against our HPS products. Leverage MSS to help automate the secure and trusted transfer of these tested and qualified definitions to your industrial site. Save time and increase productivity of your existing personnel by automating antivirus.

System and Performance Monitoring
Honeywell provides industrial operators with round-the-clock monitoring of their industrial control systems’ performance and security. It continuously monitors the system and provides real-time alerts configured to predefined thresholds. The service monitors hundreds of critical elements and parameters that control operations, including controller availability, controller loading and network health, covering a wide range of network and industrial control system assets.

Want to host and manage it yourself?
Our MSS solution is powered by our Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Suite, offered as a service to you. For companies looking to host and manage their own industrial cybersecurity operations center for their sites, look to our Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Suite product.