Proactively Monitor, Measure and Manage Industrial Cyber Security Risk with Risk Manager
Sheila Fortinberry
Sheila Fortinberry, Senior Global Cyber Security Marketing Manager,
Mike Baldi, Cyber Security Solutions Architect at HPS
Date: May 5, 2015
Duration: 46 Minutes

During this webinar, learn how Risk Manager 1) Allows users to prioritize and focus efforts on managing risks that are most important for reliable plant operations, through the easy-to-use interface. 2) Monitors risk continuously, in real-time. 3) Translates complex indicators of vulnerabilities and threats into metrics that can be used by control engineers and operators without cyber security experience.

Additionally, there is a demo of the solution.

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Mike Baldi
Continuous Security Monitoring for Control Systems – Best Practices
Eric Knapp   Speaker:  Mark Littlejohn
Date:        February 18, 2015
Duration:  26 Minutes

Join Mark Littlejohn in this webinar to gain a better understanding of why continuous monitoring is widely accepted as an integral and essential best practice for managing risk and improving the cyber security posture in industrial environments.

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Managed Industrial Cyber Security Services
Eric Knapp   Speaker:  Eric Knapp, Director of Cyber Security Solutions and Technology, Honeywell Process Solutions
Date:        August 26, 2014
Duration:  33 Minutes

Industrial Cyber Security is a challenge for many reasons:
• Industrial systems are difficult to patch
• Legacy devices inhibit the implementation of modern cyber security controls
• The shift from proprietary systems to open computing platforms has increased the exposure and   vulnerability to cyber threats.

Perhaps the biggest challenge, however, is building the right staff to address these issues. Industrial cyber security professionals are a rare breed and the demand for their unique skill set continues to increase rapidly.

Listen to Eric Knapp in this on-demand webinar as he explores the pros and cons of using managed cyber security services to augment staff, and to make existing staff more productive and efficient through all stages of the cyber security lifecycle.
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