Choice of Metallurgy

Improve Material Selection Capabilities – Predict software improves your ability to recommend and select equipment metallurgy based on corrosion conditions.

Impact of Operating Conditions

Better understand the relationship between operating conditions and corrosion damage – Predict solutions enable engineers to accurately determine the impact of operating conditions on different materials.

Impact of Design

Enhance Plant Design to Minimize Corrosion – Predict software allows engineers to evaluate different equipment options by comparing different designs and their impact on corrosion rates.

Impact of Operational Changes

Optimize Operations Without Increasing Corrosion – Predict solutions enables engineers to optimize plant operating conditions and assess their effects on corrosion rates.

Impact of Crude Selection

Take Advantage of Expanded Crude Choices – Predict solutions help refineries optimize feedstock selection without exceeding operating limits or increasing corrosion rates, while maintaining profitability.

Opportunity Crudes

Improve Your Supply Chain Flexibility – Predict software allows you to make advantageous crude selections, including the ability to process less expensive crude oils while staying within operating limits and without raising corrosion levels.

Impact of Operational Changes

Recognize How Changes Affect Corrosion – Predict solutions can help you better understand how changes in process operating conditions can ultimately lead to unacceptable corrosion rates.

Integrity Operating Windows

Enhance Real-time Operations Monitoring – Predict software helps plant operators define Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) and monitor corrosion rates to minimize the impact of corrosion on process equipment.

Inspection Scheduling & Planning

Expand Your Visibility on Corrosion Rates – With Predict solutions, you can gain a better view of real-time asset integrity to allow for updated inspection schedules while still complying with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Incident Investigation: Root Cause Analysis

Determine the Cause of Corrosion Incidents – Predict software enables engineers to perform comprehensive “what-if” analyses during investigations to get to the root cause of unexpected corrosion issues.

Choice of Metallurgy

Evaluate Design and Material Changes – Predict solutions provide the tools needed to thoroughly evaluate the ramifications of plant design and metallurgy selection for your critical production processes.

Integrity Operating Windows

Improve Reliability and Asset Integrity – Predict software gives refineries the flexibility to define Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) and include corrosion as a process variable.