Radar-Based Surveillance Solutions

Improve Perimeter Security:
Intruders Don’t Stand A Chance With Radar-Based Detection

Industrial site Security Specialists are challenged to protect properties from unwelcome visitors. Early and positive intruder detection ensures the safety and integrity of plant operations. Meanwhile, security departments are not immune from a relentless focus on costs. An effective and efficient perimeter security solution that helps greenfield site construction stay on schedule, reduces cost to deliver while providing more effective security coverage.

A just-released White Paper compares perimeter security systems and illustrates in detail how radar-based perimeter security systems outperform traditional Thermal CCTV systems while reducing costs. ”Analysis of Radar Video Surveillance vs. Fixed Camera Video” is yours and available for download.
Get your free copy and learn how radar-based perimeter security systems can give you the upper hand:
  • All-weather, day & night detection means no loss of security surveillance
  • Lower project costs through reduced hardware complexity and accelerated installation.
  • Improved reliability and significant lifecycle savings using radar-based detection

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