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Reliable, Accurate Process History is Essential for Operational Excellence
Free Ebook: 3 Important Criteria for Implementing a Process Historian with Experion® PKS

This ebook examines three important criteria for selecting the best process historian for Experion® PKS, including:
Automated tag maintenance and configuration
onsistent and efficient data collection
Expanded visibility to facility-wide data
Learn about the value of adding a dedicated process historian to expand the value of your Experion PKS system. Honeywell’s Uniformance® PHD is a highly scalable solution that provides advanced history for Experion PKS with unsurpassed performance, integration and reliability. It captures, stores and replays historical and continuous plant process data – and allows for millions of tags to be collected in real-time, made available for decades, stored throughout the entire enterprise and made available to users at every level.

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