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Free Ebook: 5 Reasons to Deploy Enterprise Historians in Your Organization
As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) increases both the volume of and the demand for data, there’s a need to make data and analytics available from multiple plants and sites.
Honeywell’s Uniformance® Process History Database is a highly scalable solution for any enterprise historian application. Uniformance PHD layers on top of the DCS to provide a historian for business analytics. It captures and stores relevant real-time and historical process and event data. Uniformance PHD allows for millions of tags to be collected, stored and made available to users at every level throughout the entire organization.

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This ebook examines how enterprise historians add a new layer for data collection and shares five reasons to deploy an enterprise historian in your organization, including:
Minimal control network loading
Secured process control network
Fast and easy data access
Central integration
Better and faster decision support
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