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Ineffective alarm systems pose a serious risk to safety, the environment and plant profitability. Too often, alarm system effectiveness is undermined by poorly configured alarms. Static alarm settings cannot adapt to dynamic plant conditions and many other nuisances result in alarm floods that overwhelm operators when they most need concise direction.
Effective alarm management can help prevent alarm floods, and "chatter" and reduce operator loading. The result: reduced risk of process operators missing a critical alarm and better response to abnormal situations.
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Why Manage Alarms
Empower operators to detect and avoid abnormal situations
Implement a strategy in line with industry recommendations and standards
Develop an effective alarm strategy to improve safety, availability and profitability
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Vendor neutral software, which means it works with any control system: DCS, SCADA, PLC etc.
Customizable, role-based dashboard allows operators, engineers and managers to view the health of their alarm system at a glance
Dashboard is mobile-device compatible for viewing alarm metrics any time, anywhere
Instant diagnosis for each alarm , causes, consequences, all on the operator console.
Audit and analysis of alarm systems
Facilitation of alarm rationalization
Workflow incorporation
Alarm philosophy development
Integration of corporate standards into alarms
Interpreting and meeting industry guidelines
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"After the first 24 hours of operation, Honeywell's alarm management software had already shown us that a bare handful of points were causing the large majority of the 5000+ alarms we got that day."
Daniel Stevenson, Control, Application, Support, M&G Poly
We are a complete solution provider for technology, consulting, services and support with worldwide coverage – and can guide you through the entire alarm management lifecycle.
We harness over 20 years of alarm management experience, and have installations at 1000+ unique sites.
Our experts sit on the EEMUA, ISA, NAMUR, and other boards to ensure that our solution is compliant with the most current regulations & recommendations. Let us worry about compliance, so you can worry about performance.
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Learn more about an alarm management model based on five fundamental phases, to implement an effective alarm management strategy.
Guide to Effective Alarm Management
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