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With control system agnostic tools designed to address today’s alarm and safety system lifecycle requirements, Honeywell Forge Alarm Management enables you to demonstrate compliance to standards and best practices, which in turn enables you to reduce downtime, production deviations and operational risk.

Honeywell Forge Alarm Management builds on our industry-leading expertise with industrial control systems. It simplifies alarm management, supports greater operator effectiveness and helps reduce operational risk.

* As reported by ARC Advisory Group for 2020

Intelligent Enterprise-Wide Alarm Improvement

Maintaining Alarm System Health Remains a Challenge
Without adequate maintenance, the health and performance of an alarm system will degrade over time. Many organizations still see high alarm rates and low compliance to their corporate alarm philosophy.

Approaches to Alarm System Improvement are Changing
In response, many in the process industries are centralizing the alarm management process. Global alarm champions require tools to better assess and improve alarm system health across their sites.

Honeywell Forge Alarm Management | Alarm Performance Optimizer
Allow alarm champions to centrally assess the health of every site’s alarm system in one place, identify areas of underperformance, follow guided recommendations to improve alarm system health, and streamline alarm rationalization activities.

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Alarm System Analysis, Compliance and KPI Reporting

Alarms Systems and Abnormal Situations
An alarm system is an essential layer of protection, required to help prevent the estimated $10B per year lost to abnormal situations. A typical incident can cost $100k-$1M while major ones can exceed $80M.

Operator Overload is a Key Concern
Standards bodies recommend an operator receive less than 6-8 alarms an hour, but industry averages are more than 4 times this. When needed most, operators ignore alarm systems as they are overwhelmed.

Honeywell Forge Alarm Management | Reporting
Enable quick identification of alarm issues and benchmark your system against industry standards, with priority of what’s required to improve performance. Deployable on-cloud, on-premise, and enterprise scalable. Learn More

Alarm Documentation, Enforcement and Operator Guidance

The Impacts of an Unmanaged Alarm System
Without managing alarm configuration, a plant will deviate from design, resulting in more alarms and an increased risk of incidents. The resulting alarm floods and upset conditions can be catastrophic.

Guiding Operators to Avoid Abnormal Situations
An alarm designed to standards includes the causes, consequence of no action and required operator response. In many cases, this is not readily available to an operator when they need it most.

Honeywell Forge Alarm Management | Documentation
Provides alarm system documentation, ongoing enforcement of settings, integrated alarm help with built-in operator assistance and change management reporting capabilities.

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Process Safety System Tracking, Recording and Validation

Maintaining Process Safety System Health
Ensuring safety is vital to protect people, environment and assets. Process safety must be continuously ensured as unwanted events occur if shutdown systems and safety elements do not operate as expected.

Novel Approaches to Ensuring Process Safety
The process of validation often relies on planned shutdowns and manual data gathering which is time consuming and error prone. Industry leaders are using software to reduce error and capture financial benefits.

Honeywell Forge Alarm Management | Process Safety Analyzer
Automate the process of validating process safety elements to help continuously ensure process safety and demonstrate activities, reduce the time and effort required to perform both post-shutdown and periodic validation activities.

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Unlock the Benefits of Best Practices

*Based on Honeywell Forge Alarm Management customer observed outcomes.

Honeywell Forge Integrated Solutions

Honeywell Forge Alarm Management integrates directly with Honeywell Forge Operations Management to create a unified solution to drive your organization towards true operational excellence.

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Process Safety Analyzer is intimately integrated with Honeywell’s Process Safety Suite (PSS) offering; a comprehensive solution that fully automates the process safety lifecycle.

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As a pre-warning to an abnormal situation, an alarm system is an essential layer of protection for an industrial facility. There are a number of steps that organizations can take to cut through alarm noise to improve safety and operator efficiency while reducing trips, maintenance costs and environmental excursions. Download our infographic to learn how to get started.



Experts from Honeywell and ARC Advisory Group recently discussed the future of alarm management with industry peers. Participants exchanged valuable insights on alarm management programs, the pandemic and remote operations, complying with regulations, future innovations and more. This webinar is available on-demand where you can still ask our experts and we will respond directly to you!.



Alarms enable industrial facilities to avoid abnormal situations that may put people, the environment, and profits at risk. With numerous standards and guidelines available to assist, many organizations are still trying to find the best way to put them into practice. Read our whitepaper on how you can implement alarm management practices in line with standards to achieve more than just compliance.



There are significant hidden costs in most of the current practices for validating, verifying and documenting that Safety Instrumented Systems and control systems as installed are functioning as designed. One key reason is that until now, there has been no automated mechanisms to support this critical activity. Read our whitepaper on how organizations are performing this function in an automated way.



Like many in the process industry, Lundin Energy must meet specific government requirements to ensure alarm system compliance. Watch this 2-minute video that describes how the Edvard Grieg platform in Norway uses Honeywell Forge Alarm Management software to simplify work processes, maintain compliance, perform investigations and ensure operator performance is maintained.



One of the main reasons that alarm management programs fail is a lack of appropriate software to regularly measure the health of the alarm system. Using software to monitor alarm system health and resolve issues as they arise help to ensures that compliance is maintained, while also minimizing downtime, equipment damage and production losses. Read our whitepaper to learn more.


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