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The Guide to Effective Alarm Management from Honeywell – Download Now
Are your alarm systems only reactive and not proactive?
Is your alarm management strategy limited by your control system? Honeywell offers a free whitepaper on a holistic approach to alarm management that covers:
How to build alarm management around a program rather than just tools
The five phases of an alarm improvement program
Successful implementations around the world
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Are your alarms guiding your operators or overwhelming them? How well are your alarm systems adapting to dynamic plant conditions?
Honeywell presents the DynAMo alarm management solution that offers:
Control system-independence to collect alarm and event data from any DCS, SCADA or PLC
Customizable, mobile device-compatible dashboard to view alarm system health at a glance
Compliance with global safety standards and Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium best practices
Instant diagnosis for alarms, causes and consequences, all on the operator console
Lifecycle support services (benchmarking, assessment, alarm philosophy development and facilitation of alarm rationalization)
Watch video - Turn your Operators into Heroes with DynAMo
Read the InTech article Top Ten Alarming Blunders
View webinar to empower your operators to turn noise into knowledge
DynAMo alarm management software took the top spot in the 2015 Control Readers' Choice Awards.

"Honeywell's DynAMo Alarm Suite has sensibly integrated analysis, documentation and notification tools to provide support engineers with an efficient way to stay in control of process alarm systems." "The Honeywell alarm management solution quickly provides appropriate alarm event information to operators, helping them quickly identify and respond to alarms."
– Richard Wawrzon
Process Engineering & Control Team Leader, Qenos Pty Ltd
– Eric Palmquist
SCADA Capability, Leader for Koch Pipeline Company
Read how Koch Pipeline Company reduced false alarms using the Honeywell solution.
" DynAMo Alarm Suite offers robust alarm rationalization tools that will help us meet our Alarm Philosophy and our Control Room Management Plan objectives. Honeywell also provided the best roadmap for future development and enhancements to the core tool." "After the first 24 hours of operation, Honeywell's alarm management software had already shown us that a bare handful of points were causing the large majority of the 5000+ alarms we got that day."
– Chris Lucas
Gas Control Team Leader, Alliance Pipeline
– Daniel Stevenson
Control, Application Support, M&G Poly
Learn about Honeywell's systematic approach to alarm management
Now, leverage DynAMo™ to provide appropriate situational awareness to your operators when they come on shift. Honeywell's Intuition® Operations Logbook can provide shift summary reports that automatically collect standing, safety and shelved alarms for review during shift changeovers.
A user-friendly interface for easy entry of comments throughout the shift
Simple tools to create shift summary reports with manual and automatic data entry
Support for effective shift handover with a tool that enables compliance with oil and gas control room management regulations
Search functionality to unlock the valuable data captured in your logbook
Simple installation and configuration
DynAMo Alarm Suite has been designed to eliminate the risks posed by an ineffective alarm management strategy and to help users cut through the alarm noise. Honeywell brings you:
Over 20 years of alarm management expertise
Experience of more than 1020 unique installations around the world
Best practices from ASM® Consortium
Would you like to know more about DynAMo Alarm Suite and what it can do for your operations? Let us know by filling in a brief form and an alarm management specialist will get in touch with you.
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