Smarter Asset Performance Management

Stop reacting and start predicting.

With Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management, you can exceed your reliability and asset performance goals.

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Honeywell Forge
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To achieve peak asset performance and maximize machinery uptime, hydrocarbon processing plants and refineries should understand the step-change that cloud-based asset performance management provides toward achieving greater enterprise asset management – even where pre-existing monitoring systems are already installed.

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How reliable is your machinery? Are you chasing efficiency improvements, or missing revenue from unplanned outage and “sold out” capacity? Where are you burning profits? To ensure your critical assets are performing their best - stop reacting. Start predicting! Look inside for a path to smarter asset performance.


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In asset-intensive production environments – from offshore platforms to refineries, pit mines to pulp and paper mills – business leaders face unremitting pressure to compete through maximized uptime and efficiency of their industrial operations. In response, they are investing in software technologies.


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Whether it’s finding ways to increase production performance or reduce the cost of operations, Honeywell has a solution. Get the infographic to discover how Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management helps industrial facilities reveal opportunities for performance improvement and expedites analysis toward root cause of inefficiencies or impending issues.


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ARC Advisory Group: The Need For Better APM Emerges
Effective Asset Performance Management strategies require synergy between operations and maintenance organizations. Take a look at this report from the ARC Advisory Group where we explore the traits of best-in-class APM and how Honeywell’s solution is paving the path towards a more practical and collaborative practice.


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5% reduction in energy usage


7% increase in productivity


10% increase in throughput


Honeywell Forge

Honeywell Forge Process Reliability Advisor

Leveraging UOP Process models with our extensive process experience, the Reliability Advisor evaluates your unit’s performance to operate closer to constraints, and diagnose and mitigate issues. With this level of insight, you can improve process reliability – which means better production yields and equipment health, and other parts of your facility can operate with the greatest efficiency.
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Honeywell Forge Process Optimization Advisor

The Optimization Advisor rigorously simulates an entire complex of process units to determine the maximum profitability of the complex, given current constraints and market conditions. To reach the optimum performance, operational recommendations backed by UOP expert analysis are provided to help you reach optimal performance and asset utilization.
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Honeywell Forge for Industrial

Insights and recommendations from integrated process and asset modules to provide intelligence through visual analytics.

Identify otherwise hidden opportunities, and realize the competitive edge in the marketplace.
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Honeywell Forge Profit Performance Monitor

Cloud-based performance monitoring enables collaboration to understand what is limiting APC from driving the unit to its best potential 

Provide visibility into the economic consequences of plant process performance as cost of lost opportunity Ensure sustainable benefits over varying operating conditions, visualizing real time unit profitability.
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