Discover how the “Digital twin” technology turns plant data into actionable information for better decision-making

In today’s competitive environment, process plants are under more pressure than ever to deliver improved operating performance with fewer skilled staff. Personnel are often unaware that their processes are under-performing. In fact, many plants do not even monitor process performance in real-time. Production, efficiency, quality, and cost are all measured after-the-fact.

Industrial organizations need up to date advanced analytics to make decisions in near real-time to run their production processes more efficiently. Traditionally, plant operators and engineers have relied on periodic, manual, spreadsheet-based tools to calculate critical variables and key performance indicators (KPIs).

This whitepaper describes how a new breed of real-time analytic solution enables continuous surveillance of key plant operating conditions and allows for the earliest possible indication of performance degradation and the appropriate prioritization to address the situation. By taking advantage of advanced “digital twin” technology enabling the most advanced monitoring, analytical, and predictive capabilities, process engineers can implement around-the-clock monitoring of plant data, and ongoing operational health checks and recommendations to close performance gaps.

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