What if you could link your staff’s competency to the performance of the plant?

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Empower your staff, at every level, to improve your plant’s performance. It only takes a visionary attitude and Honeywell Connected Plant Skills Insight

The HR and Training Manager Hero levels up the plant’s reliability and uptime with a solution which links competency, productivity and safety.

The Plant Supervisor Hero monitors operations and assigns tasks based on relevant and in real-time information for better operational performance.

The Field Operator Hero performs better thanks to on demand access to information, experiential learning and enhanced visibility for more effective emergency responses.

Turn Your Training Costs Into Investments

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Immersive Competency, See for yourself!


Honeywell Connected Plant

Connectivity, analytics, Honeywell knowledge and expertise allow you to see, analyze and improve the competency and productivity of your people, the efficiency of your processes, and the performance of your assets.