Honeywell Skills Insight Safety integrates man-down, safety, and environmental alarms from the Personal Gas Safety solution into Experion Orion console, together with map-based user interfaces to facilitate fast, accurate situation response. This solution provides more insight and visibility needed to protect people and assets. Our approach allows faster, more coordinated responses to safety incidents, but also direct the response team to the exact location and take appropriate operator actions. Make every one of your staff the faster first responder:

Skills Insight Productivity delays getting field readings, reduces preparation and execution time, and more reliable procedure execution. Unlocking extensive opportunities to improve productivity thanks to:

• Rapid Emergency Evacuation: Fast call up of the site map display in the event of critical alarms, showing the location and exposure status of personnel in the field
• Man-down Assistance: movement detection for automatic man-down alerts to prompt automatic checks
• Intelligent Wearables: Critical alarm reporting from wearable gas detectors for hazardous gases and radiation exposure
• Panic buttons: for field workers in trouble or distress to alert the control room and call for help

Incident Response: A more Effective Use of Automation

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