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What is it?

An Enterprise Performance Management software solution that goes beyond data consultation and visualization. Through the integration of process and asset digital twins, and building on domain expertise, Honeywell Forge provides deep enterprise-wide insights and intelligent recommendations for sustained peak performance.


  • Connects and integrates siloed data systems
  • Enables companies to do more with less and run assets longer in harsher operating conditions
  • Overcomes the loss of subject matter expertise and differing shift outcomes due to increased velocity through positions


  • No need to rip-out systems, just build on top of existing platforms
  • Connects Honeywell, Customer and Partner expertise for enterprise-wide insights
  • Portable and supports multi-mode deployment in the cloud or on-premises


  • Builds on knowledge from 100 years of Honeywell’s domain expertise
  • captures and continuously improves knowledge across the enterprise
  • Built to the latest cyber security standards, with IP Protection

Honeywell Forge

Honeywell Forge Process Reliability Advisor

Leveraging UOP Process models with our extensive process experience, the Reliability Advisor evaluates your unit’s performance to operate closer to constraints, and diagnose and mitigate issues. With this level of insight, you can improve process reliability – which means better production yields and equipment health, and other parts of your facility can operate with the greatest efficiency.
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Honeywell Forge Process Optimization Advisor

The Optimization Advisor rigorously simulates an entire complex of process units to determine the maximum profitability of the complex, given current constraints and market conditions. To reach the optimum performance, operational recommendations backed by UOP expert analysis are provided to help you reach optimal performance and asset utilization.
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Honeywell Forge Profit Performance Monitor

Cloud-based performance monitoring enables collaboration to understand what is limiting APC from driving the unit to its best potential 

Provide visibility into the economic consequences of plant process performance as cost of lost opportunity Ensure sustainable benefits over varying operating conditions, visualizing real time unit profitability.
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Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management

Cloud-based digital twins drive real-time equipment performance modeling and predictive analytics.

Integrated process and asset models reveal root cause of bottlenecks, identify new levels of untapped productivity, and uncover potential problems.
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Its integrated and collaborative operational model has achieved unprecedented continuity of operation. Codelco has fine-tuned production, improved the use and availability of equipment and systems, lowered costs, and significantly improved the productivity of their teams.

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Leveraging cloud-based analytic technologies, a Honeywell internal initiative boosted productivity of machinery and processes running within its Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) division. The pilot program proved successful beyond expectations, having increased machine uptime as expected, yet doing so quicker than expected over a 6-month period.

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Retiring knowledge leaves you needing to do more, with less staff. Digital Twin technology can help with embedded expert knowledge to make more assets smarter.

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to be the most disruptive influence on automation systems since the advent of the microprocessor-based DCS.

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The challenge today is going beyond conventional monitoring to find the ‘right balance’ between asset availability and performance for better productivity.

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