Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity

Enabling the Connected Worker

Connected workers are safer, more productive workers. Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity is a suite of solutions that addresses the field operations challenges of manual data gathering, limited visibility, and costly human errors. Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity fully digitizes your field operations creating a link between you and your field teams so you can make real-time, data-driven decisions.

  • Standardize and Automate Manual Processes
  • Seamlessly Connect to and Orchestrate Field Operations
  • Provide Remote Access to Experts and Assistance in the Field



Digitize and standardize manual paper-based workflows to enable higher productivity and end-to-end field visibility. Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity - Inspection Rounds is a scalable solution to deploy nimble and dynamic field strategies that automate processes and make the orchestration of remote operations harmonious.

  • Enterprise ready with connectors for all major asset management and CMMS.
  • Hardware agnostic solution with Online/Offline operating modes.
  • Effective process documentation, tracking, and standardization facilitating compliance with stringent regulations.
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Provide Access To Video Procedures On The Go

Make every worker your most experienced worker. Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity - Worker Assist bridges the knowledge gaps in your workforce by providing on-demand video assistance easily produced by experts regarding plant complex, common, or rarely executed procedures. Reduce the risk of human errors and build skills on the go for the entirety of your field personnel.

  • Video and audio capture and playback of procedures.
  • Video library searchable via voice commands.
  • Effective knowledge digitization made available to generations of field professionals.
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Bring Expert Assistance To The Field

Bring the subject matter expert to the field. Honeywell Forge Workforce Productivity - Worker Assist links your experts with field personnel offering instant consultation on corner scenarios and procedures to prevent costly mistakes. Solve problems on the spot through a unique collaborative and interactive environment for problem solving.

  • Access to experts via video chat regardless of location.
  • Expert sees and hears everything from the perspective of the operator.
  • Expert can control the camera, lightning, provide annotations, and capture media.
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