Honeywell Forge Profit Performance Monitor

Maximize profitability with real-time visibility and actionable intelligence.

With Honeywell Forge Profit Performance Monitor, you can transform your process data into economic opportunities and drive your process to its peak potential.

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Honeywell Forge
for Industrial

Unlock hidden profit


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Are your APC implementations returning the same benefits as the day they were commissioned? How much unrealized economic value is being left on the table on a daily basis? Do you have the ability to get APC performance information to the right people at the right time? Ensure your APC assets are performing their best - Look inside to push your process to its maximum profitability.

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Identifies up to 20% loss in profitability annually per APC application


Reduces time required to analyze financial impacts of poor APC performance by up to 50%


Honeywell Forge

Honeywell Forge Process Reliability Advisor

Leveraging UOP Process models with our extensive process experience, the Reliability Advisor evaluates your unit’s performance to operate closer to constraints, and diagnose and mitigate issues. With this level of insight, you can improve process reliability – which means better production yields and equipment health, and other parts of your facility can operate with the greatest efficiency.
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Honeywell Forge Process Optimization Advisor

The Optimization Advisor rigorously simulates an entire complex of process units to determine the maximum profitability of the complex, given current constraints and market conditions. To reach the optimum performance, operational recommendations backed by UOP expert analysis are provided to help you reach optimal performance and asset utilization.
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Honeywell Forge for Industrial

Insights and recommendations from integrated process and asset modules to provide intelligence through visual analytics.

Identify otherwise hidden opportunities, and realize the competitive edge in the marketplace.
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Honeywell Forge Asset Performance Management

Cloud-based digital twins drive real-time equipment performance modeling and predictive analytics.

Integrated process and asset models reveal root cause of bottlenecks, identify new levels of untapped productivity, and uncover potential problems.
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