Industrial Cyber Security

How to Leverage Cyber Security Assessments to Attract the PCN Investments You Need

Engineers who operate today’s industrial control systems are repeatedly asked to do more with less, from recruiting to improving production and lowering costs. At the same time, there is growing risk of operational disruption from cyber security incidents, driven by increased plant connectivity, public available hacking tools, and active nation state adversaries targeting industrials.

This whitepaper articulates pragmatic steps that operational engineering teams can take to attract the business investments they need to modernize their industrial control system environments - and make security an enabler instead of an inhibitor.

Learn how to use objective data from industrial cyber security assessments to address several of your business needs, while at the same time better managing your overall cyber security risk. Use assessment knowledge as a powerful tool to articulate how cyber security work impacts important initiatives, from quality improvements to digital transformation, and helps meet daily needs, from secure file transfers to credentialed network users.

By using assessment findings to engage cross-teams and corporate decision makers, engineering can document needs and gain the funding necessary for important infrastructure updates that improve overall reliability, productivity, and efficiency.

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