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eBook: Optimize Metering Performance With MeterSuite™ - An Integrated Approach to Oil & Gas Flow Calculation

Learn more about how your gas and liquid metering projects will benefit from integrating metering flow computation in your DCS system.
For some years the oil and gas industry is facing the continuous challenge to improve efficiency of operations in order to stay competitive. Gas and liquid metering systems are crucial assets as they are the basis for financial transactions. This means that besides affordable, these systems should above all be reliable and accurate. In this eBook you will learn what Honeywell’s approach is to flow computation. Read how DCS integrated flow computation with MeterSuite™ helps you to save cost by:

  • Eliminating dedicated supervisory system and flow computers
  • Reducing the number of control cabinets
  • Increasing lifetime and providing guaranteed upgradeability
  • Simplifying the infrastructure resulting in improved reliability

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