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With over 100,000 additive injectors sold worldwide, the Fusion4 additive pedigree is second to none.
Employing the same modular hardware as the Fusion4 loading and blending devices, Fusion4 MiniPak and MultiPak systems offer a scalable solution for every conceivable additive application, including fuel additives (gasoline and ethanol) as well as engine additives.
Seven injection modes are available on both single stream MiniPak and multi-stream (up to 12) MultiPak systems. Available in modular form as well as a fully integrated station, the Fusion4 additive portfolio optimizes the full spectrum of chemical dosing applications:
• Performance   enhancing additives
• Denaturants
• Dyes and markers
• Anti-icing

• Anti-static
• Anti-corrosion
• Anti-foaming agent
• Biocides
• Cold flow enhancers

• Lubricity enhancers
• Viscosity reducers
• NoX reduction additives
• Lead replacement additives
• MTBE (oxygenate)
Precision by design: eliminate waste and monitor continuously to keep additive ratios correct at every point in the transaction for unrivaled accuracy.
Fusion4 MultiPak is available as a standalone device as well as an off-the-shelf additive solution integrating the industry standard MSC MonoBlock additive metering and control manifold. Read more.
Fusion4 MiniPak single stream additive controller for additives is FM and ATEX approved. Know more.
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