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Fusion4 works with you to keep critical operations safe and traceable. Intuitive control helps you easily handle multiple products without errors. Continuous monitoring and control for additives and blending ensures accurate, on-spec product every time.
Fusion4 offers competition-beating technology with a state-of-the-art platform for aircraft refueling that utilizes the latest electronic hardware and processing power.
• Precise and traceable transactions and transfers for aviation fuel products
• Easily handle multiple products including anti-static and anti-icing products
• Internal pump control and tank monitoring
• Remotely monitor transactions, alarms and communications across the
  operation in real time using Fusion4 Portal
Explore Fusion4 products for aviation refueling operations:
Fusion4 MSC-L for loading control for up to 24 streams
MultiPak for control for 12 additive streams
MiniPak for single stream additive control
BioBlend for controlling up to 12 blend streams simultaneously
MultiBlender for a compact blend control solution
LAD for live data transfer in hazardous areas
Portal software to monitor and configure devices remotely
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