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Marine Transfers  
Helping you achieve a simpler, more reliable operation, a single MSC-L device can deliver efficient and reliable bunkering. With precise and traceable additive and blending for fuel marking and dyeing, you can be confident of compliance with all customs and excise legislation.
Fusion4 eliminates blind spots in complex operations, letting you send relevant information to controllers as it is needed.
• Accurately control bunkering with both pumped and gravity fed systems
• Use the LAD to copy and paste configuration files for rapid setup
• Distribute operational data to third-party systems such as terminal automation    systems (TAS) or business management programs using the Portal software
• Up to 120,000 record transaction logs to ensure traceability
Explore Fusion4 products for marine transfers operations:

Fusion4 MSC-L for loading control for up to 24 streams
MultiPak for control for 12 additive streams
MiniPak for single stream additive control
LAD for live data transfer in hazardous areas
Portal software to monitor and configure devices remotely

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