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Easy-to-operate for drivers, Fusion4 gets your tankers on the road quicker and avoids costly queues at the load rack. It keeps operations secure, traceable and smooth.
Control back in the hands of the operator
Fewer powerful devices controlling more streams mean a smaller footprint and a big difference to speed and efficiency. With a modular design, Fusion4 is ready to grow and adapt to your changing requirements.
• Faster loading with fewer errors to cut delays
• Control additive injection for a whole bay from one device
• Precise on-spec blends with robust traceability
• Single cable SMART injection integration with bay preset controllers
   or terminal automation systems.
Explore Fusion4 products for road loading operations:
Fusion4 MSC-L for loading control for up to 24 streams.
MultiPak for control for 12 additive streams
MiniPak for single stream additive control
BioBlend for controlling up to 12 blend streams simultaneously
MultiBlender for a compact blend control solution
LAD for live data transfer in hazardous areas
Portal software to monitor and configure devices remotely
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