Quality Control System 4.0

Make Every Day Your Best Day of Quality Production

A Quality Control System (QCS) is a critical asset for any paper, tissue or flat sheet manufacturer. It is essential to improve operations and process performance, and reduce maintenance costs, while raising quality standards.

Honeywell QCS 4.0 is a significant advancement of quality control technology for all types of paper industry operations. It digitizes paper processes for higher quality and optimal performance.

Honeywell QCS 4.0 provides the ability to fully harness information from an on-premises QCS. This cloud-based system drives enhanced quality control with 75% lower support cost than traditional solutions. It connects the paper machine with scanners and other crucial assets in the paper production process.

Unlike systems where manual data collection, analysis and tuning are required, Honeywell QCS 4.0 provides valuable control insights in real-time via remote monitoring and intuitive QCS performance dashboards. With right information at right time, users can get ahead of plant goals instead of falling behind them.

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