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Access the 2019 Honeywell Users Group high level agenda. The detailed Americas HUG
agenda is visible here

1. General session: this session is for all HUG delegates. The topics presented are of general interest, these can be presented by the Steering Committee members, HPS President, the CTO, End Users and or Special Guests. On the picture HPS CTO, Jason Urso.

2. HUG 2019 Thursday keynote: The Future of Technology, Pablos Holman, a futurist, inventor, and notorious hacker with a unique view into breaking and building new technologies, Pablos works on invention projects that assimilate new technologies – making wild ideas a bit more practical and vice versa.

3. Spotlight session:a highlight on a technical topic, presented by an Honeywell expert which is given in the Knowledge Center (the on-site Honeywell demo room) and requires you to put on a headset. Headsets are handed out in the Spotlight area.

4. Knowledge Center: our Honeywell demo room where you will find all our products and solutions connected, and a team of approximately 60 Demonstrators, Consultants, who are all experts and there to assist you.

And there is more:

  • Customer sessions: a break out presentation done by an End User (Customer)
  • Honeywell Technology Solution presentation: a break out presentation done by a Honeywell expert
  • Workshop and or Training: a learning session based on real life examples and technical knowledge sharing
  • Roundtable discussions: informal discussion between the entire audience present in the conference room, typically there is an End User moderator, and a Honeywell expert, who lead the discussions.
  • Track: a track can be a topic which is spread over the entire day with presentations from End Users, Honeywell, Specialists etc. Like UniSim Day or Intelex-day: these are also tracks on the HUG agenda

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