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Monday October 1; is a workshop/training day. The official welcome and opening session of the conference, will be held on October 2, Tuesday morning.

MONDAY, October 1
08h30 10h30 Workshop: Virtualization Architecture and Business Value In this workshop, we'll discuss the components used to virtualize the Experion control. We'll also explore the benefits of virtualization and create the business case to virtualize.
08h30 10h30 Training: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity in the Industrial Control System Environment Recent data suggests that industrial facilities are not implementing readily available ICS security best practices, resulting in half of those surveyed experiencing a Cybersecurity breach (according to the LNS Research, 2017). Whether people, process or technology changes, there are steps you can take to build resilience and reduce risk. By aligning your organization to maturity levels, you can continually improve cyber resilience. This session starts with the basics of industrial Cybersecurity, for novices interested in the fundamental approaches, tasks, and technologies to implement risk reduction across process control networks.
08h30 10h30 Workshop: Seamlessly Connecting the Process Safety Lifecycle Inside One System Today the key information for the Process Safety Lifecycle is handled through many manual steps. Automating the Process Safety Lifecycle helps reduce errors, lower costs, monitor operations for hazard conditions continuously and provide safety alerts in a timely fashion.
Using Honeywell’s latest software offering, experts are able to carry out analyses such as Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Safety Requirement Specification (SRS), and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) calculations and classifications more effectively. The software also enables the monitoring of process conditions and compares actual performance with operational parameters under pre-defined hazard conditions with regular updates from the plant historian.

In this workshop, we will discuss the current solutions in this space and jointly identify areas for improvement of the Safety Lifecycle. We will then demonstrate how the Process Safety Suite from Honeywell addresses these issues resulting in an improvement in process safety.
08h30 10h30 Workshop: Field Competency and Field Intelligence using Smart Devices and AR – Hands-on workshop In our daily lives, we are all super heroes: calling up Ubers, sharing photos and videos on the go and contacting our loved ones. We are all connected wherever we are. Field workers however have not been before been able to do the same when they are working in the field, until now. In this workshop  we take a close look at Honeywell Skills insight portfolio that uses Augmented reality and Intelligent Field devices to increase competency, productivity and safety by giving workers the ability to take videos and photos on the go, contact peers and experts while they are at the job and be better prepared for the job at hand, no matter whether the job was planned or unplanned. Workshop is hands-on.
08h30 10h30 Smart Energy: Introduction to Smart Metering This workshop/training includes:
• From meter to smart-meter, quick history and terminology (learn about smart metering, smart grid, energy management, AMI, AMR, HES, MDC, MDM)
• What a meter measures (learn about active, reactive and apparent energy, registers, profile, power-quality)
• Inside a smart-meter (main building blocks roles, integrated vs modular meter)
• End-to-end solutions components (the metered data life-cycle, from recording to usage)
• Smart metering communication options (role of data concentrators and gateways)
• Data processing (introduction to data validation and estimation)
11h00 13h00 Workshop: Remote Operation of Distributed Assets Want the same or better visibility of your remote assets as you have within your plants?  Maybe a place to bring it all together to enable site comparisons and advanced analytics?  Honeywell Connected Plant securely delivers enterprise-grade reliability, consistency, and visibility of your production from geographically dispersed assets - using the same Honeywell solutions you're already using - like Experion, Uniformance Suite, and PLC or RTU controls.  We have proven solutions for well heads, compressors, pipeline, and even solar and wind energy!
11h00 13h00 Training: Advanced strategies for Cybersecurity in the Industrial Control System Environment Leading organizations in the industrial sector have gone beyond security fundamentals to greatly improve how they manage and measure Cybersecurity risk reduction. Their established security programs have defined people, process and technologies that work toward measurable outcomes. In this session, learn about the advanced techniques and methods used by Honeywell and benchmarked companies to reduce Cybersecurity risk.
11h00 13h00 Workshop: Virtual Testing of Safety System Applications This workshop will cover Release 161 which provides the ability to do testing of safety system applications on a virtual platform without the need for actual safety system hardware
11h00 13h00 Workshop: Asset Performance from Start to Finish Connectivity and analytics are driving tremendous innovation for asset performance management. Learn and share game-changing concepts to improve the performance of your assets and operations. Connectivity. Better Analytics. Closing the reliability-operations loop from start to finish
11h00 13h00 Smart Energy: Sustainable and Intelligent Water Meter Design to Protect the Environment ( 60 minutes)

Smart Energy: LPWAN IoT for Utility Water Metering – the Next Big Thing? (60 minutes)
Whilst water meters themselves contribute to carbon reduction programs through water conservation, intelligent meter design can make further reduction through reduced weight in transportation, low flow leakage capture and improved material emissions during manufacture and in use.

As the market is moving to open standard long range low power wide area networks – the technology capabilities and customer expectations need to align. In this session, different LPWAN technologies will be compared regarding their capabilities to:
• provide metering data for billing and beyond,
• meet application data interoperability requirements
• provide Network service under deep indoor installation conditions.
11h00 13h00 Workshop: ControlEdge™ PLC – Extending Experion to Balance of Plant ControlEdge PLC seamlessly extends Experion to balance of plant control applications.  Join us to learn how ControlEdge PLC naturally combines with Experion for tag database integration, diagnostics, graphics, and CDA peer to peer communications.
14h30 16h30 Training: Strengthening and Leveraging your Core by Upgrading to Experion LCN and EHPM Contemplating a migration? You won't want to miss this workshop! We'll start at the beginning and outline migration requirements, planning and preparation steps. We'll explore virtualization options and benefits, as well as cover: - the procedure for On-Process migration for ELCN using ELCN bridge; - R501 Experion LCN Nodes including HM, ENIM and AM; - the new system management offerings; and - on-process migration of EHPM using the ENB.
14h30 16h30 Workshop: Best Practices & ICS Security Standards to Reduce Process Control Network Risk A busy 2017 across the threat landscape has made it even more urgent to ensure industrial Cybersecurity best practices are underway across your organization. Whether people, process or technology changes, there are steps you can take to build resilience and reduce risk. This workshop highlights the latest thinking in how to approach ICS security standards and risk benchmarking to continually improve Cybersecurity defenses.
14h30 16h30 Workshop: Alarm Management Putting Theory into Practice Honeywell’s Operations experts will guide you through the complete alarm management lifecycle – applying practice to theory, from philosophy documents and strong foundations, to rationalization, auditing and continual improvement.
14h30 16h30 Workshop: Reduce Time to Gain Insights with Advanced Analytics & Uniformance Cloud Historian Overview of process data analytics needs and how Uniformance Suite and Cloud Historian in particular can reduce time to get value and results from your data.
14h30 16h30 Smart Energy's Holistic Approach to End-to-End Utility Security Abstract will be shared shortly
14h30 16h30 Workshop: Fundamentals: R510 Experion Batch This workshop introduces users to the new functionality and features in Experion R510 and planned for Experion R511. Additionally, users will learn how to configure the Experion system to take advantage of the new functionality.
TUESDAY, October 2
16h00 18h00

Workshop: Smart Terminals – Shape Your Future.

This workshop is part of the Terminal Operations track; all HUG customer delegates have access to all sessions and to all the workshops
Today’s challenges for terminal owners and operators are endless. Facing rapidly changing business and technology environments, growing market volatility, complying with stringent safety, environmental and regulatory legislation, while operating at peak performance. Getting ready for the future to address ever increasing threats, such as cyber attacks.
What if you could make your people, equipment and processes work seamlessly together?
What if you could supervise your terminal operations, monitor your entire logistics chain and all assets, and connect your staff with real-time data – cyber secure?
We invite you to unlock hidden profits, optimize your operations, increase safety, and outpace your competition.
Work with us in this Workshop to shape the future.
And the pioneering spirit doesn’t end here.
WEDNESDAY, October 3
These Honeywell Thermal Solutions workshops will be integrated into the overall HUG agenda program:
Times will be announced closer to date PM Workshop: Oil & Gas and Refining Performance Solutions from Honeywell Thermal Solutions The Oil & Gas and Refining industry demands performance and reliability and having the most comprehensive portfolio of proven combustion solutions makes it easier. Honeywell's Thermal Solutions are tailor made for the unique demands of the Oil & Gas industry, meeting the toughest challenges in extreme operating environments. In this session, you'll learn directly from the thermal process experts. We'll cover everything from Burner Management Systems to Fuel Delivery and Thermal Transfer to Solutions and Services. 
  PM Workshop: Increasing Energy Efficiency & Reducing Cost: Thermal Transfer, Burner Management Systems, Fuel Delivery and Exothermics The rise of low-cost production across a variety of industries is forcing companies to be more competitive – which means using people and processes more efficiently. Honeywell Thermal Solutions provides high-quality, highly reliable products that perform in the most demanding environments, plus smart systems that speed troubleshooting – helping to increase uptime and enhance output. In this session you'll learn about innovative solutions directly from Honeywell experts to help you address your key objectives.
  PM Workshop: Connectivity: Unleash Your Thermal Process Data with Thermal IQ In most thermal process systems, performance data gets trapped down at the equipment level. Currently to see alerts, you’ve got to be there, and stay there. That’s impractical and unproductive. But what if you could…View and share data before you get to the equipment? Get real-time alerts when parameters exceed limits? or Track historical data to see when and why issues occurred? Come learn how you can elevate your thermal insight quotient with Thermal IQ, a new solution in the Honeywell Connected Plant portfolio.
  PM Workshop: Don't Operate Unaware: PS Check and Industrial Flame Monitoring Solutions "System Shut Down” are not the words one wants to hear. Operators sometimes find themselves lacking information about some of the critical combustion system components and how well they are able to protect the operation, plant assets, and personnel, should an unforeseen emergency condition arise. Join us to learn how to your operation can run safer for longer periods of time and stop operating unaware.
THURSDAY, October 4
13h30 15h30 Workshop: Secure Network Planning: Best Practices for Experion and ELCN Virtual Migrations In this workshop, we'll kick things off with an overview of the Experion network architecture, then explore the network implication for TPN to ELCN migrations. We'll address top-of-rack VLAN aggregation, and virtual server configuration for secure VLAN deployment, too. Perfect for the team looking to address virtual migration security.
13h30 15h30 Workshop: Experion PKS Slick Tricks Learn more about interesting, innovative, and creative applications of existing product features in Experion PKS.
13h30 15h30 Training: Active Worker Assist Movilizer for Extending your Workflows to Field Engineers Anywhere, Anytime and on any Device This training will explain the key components of the of the Active Worker Assist Movilizer enterprise mobility solution’s SaaS architecture including explanations of the certified connectors for various back office systems, the Honeywell Cloud strategy, and Movilizer’s compatibility with virtually all mobile operating systems, and mobile form factors.
13h30 15h30 Training: Smart Energy Topic details will be shared in July/August time frame

Please note all topics can be subject to change.

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