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Cleaner and More Efficient  

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Increasing Efficiency and Reducing Waste is Smart Business
At Honeywell, we care about the future of the world as well as the future of your business. When China's largest paper mill chose Honeywell to fully automate its operation, we developed solutions that increased efficiency and reduced waste without compromising operational performance. We call that smart business.
Knowing What It Takes to Reduce Risk
Honeywell knows what it takes to increase efficiency. Accurate, robust instrumentation, metering and control technology all help to prevent spills, leaks and equipment failures that could result in devastating environmental incidents. Learn how one of China's petrochemical companies partnered with Honeywell and reduced risk.
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Reducing the Carbon Footprint
Honeywell is constantly working to reduce energy, waste and emissions. This was the case when one of the world's leading petrochemical companies turned to Honeywell to help solve a major challenge at one of its plants.
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