Honeywell's LEAP approach optimizes automation project execution  
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Honeywell's LEAP approach to automation project execution reduces risk
Honeywell’s LEAP approach to automation project execution reduces risk
Learn About the Latest Techniques to Reduce Project Execution Risk
Our new white paper details how Honeywell's LEAP™ - a new approach to project implementation can remove automation from the critical path and improve project schedule, while reducing cost and risk.
Our free white paper illustrates how LEAP combined with Experion PKS Orion decouples hardware and software and allows activities to be done in parallel, breaking down task dependencies, using standardization, and enabling engineering to be done from anywhere in the world.
LEAP is a paradigm shift that brings together our three most innovative, enabling technologies to revolutionize project execution – Virtualization, Universal Channel Technology, and Cloud Engineering.
By downloading our white paper, you will learn how LEAP enables:
Late binding of project variables Flexible procurement Improved agility and flexibility
Take the LEAP now! Fill out the form to download the white paper.
Download Honeywell's free whitepaper on reducing automation project risks
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