Planning for Moving Day: Optimizing Control System Migrations

You’ve spent years optimizing, maintaining and investing in your control system. But now you spend more time on system reliability issues – issues that you lack resources to stay ahead of, placing your productivity and competitive advantage at risk
Despite the problems outdated systems bring, moves to a modern control platform present their own challenges. The dangers and weaknesses that upgrading addresses can also undermine a smooth migration. Concerns over potential disruption or downtime, the uncertainty of rapidly changing markets, and limited domain knowledge must all be addressed.
Honeywell’s tools significantly accelerate the migration of the existing system to minimize disruption and risk when transferring from an older Honeywell or third party system. In addition, Honeywell’s Lean automation projects methodology, LEAP™ addresses the shortcomings of traditional approaches. Reducing waste from redundant tasks and rework, LEAP takes lean execution further, eliminating traditional dependencies that dictate a sequential workflow. It dramatically improves the project schedule, keeping automation systems off the critical path.
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