Is Choosing the Right DCS Puzzling You?

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Click on each piece of the puzzle to find out more about choosing the right DCS

Click on each piece of the puzzle to find out more about choosing the right DCS



You need a Robust DCS that

  • Increases process stability by up to 30% , reduces valve travel by 80-90%, increases valve life by nearly 200%, optimizes throughput and reduces energy costs with advanced control like Honeywell Profit Loop
  • Supports multiple failure modes with 2X communications path between nodes and minimize downtime with a Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) like that of Honeywell's



You need a 'Perfect Fit' DCS that helps

  • Chemical plants -increase the annual throughput by over 3% using the S88 compliant controller-based batch
  • Power plants improve control performance and reduce engineering effort by 10% using built-in function blocks
  • Pharmaceutical plants to meet the CFR 21 Part 11 compliance regulation
  • SCADA applications reduce 80% engineering time and increase operator efficiency by 96% using Pre-built Equipment templates

Ease of Use


You need A DCS that

  • Ensures easier project execution and improves engineering efficiency by up to 30% with enhanced configuration tools
  • Enables faster operator response by 35-48% and avoids 50% of trips that occur due to operator oversight with ASM compliant displays and built-in safe operation feature
  • Reduces overall wiring time to 1.5 min from 38 min per IOTA, with Easy Terminal Unit

Low Cost of Ownership


You need A DCS that helps

  • Lower footprint by 30-75%, saving over 2-5% of the total project cost using space-efficient vertical design
  • Ensure easier project execution and lowers lifecycle cost by over 20% using latest human factor concept design
  • Reduce lifecycle management costs by over 30% using virtualization solution

Maintenance & Support


You need a Trusted Partner like Honeywell

  • Who will stand behind you throughout the life of your investment
  • With a proven, advanced DCS technology that can improve your operational and business performance
  • Who has a team of fully, trained, experienced and authorized channel partners to implement and support projects of all sizes



You need a DCS that is

  • Built on a platform proven over a period of 50 years like the Experion PKS
  • Uses a powerful controller like the Honeywell C300 with over 13K installations globally

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