Digital transformation in industrial operations is no longer optional

The COVID-19 pandemic has only escalated the necessity to address the combined uncertainties of personnel safety and business continuity.

Honeywell’s end-to-end remote solutions and services help you create more efficient, safe and profitable operations that are protected by the highest level of cybersecurity in the industry.

The pandemic has forced rapid change in a sector already undergoing major transformation. To guard against threats, and to maintain viable business models, the industrial world must reassess how it works. Honeywell has been delivering on this promise for decades and is ready to help you navigate today, and future-proof tomorrow. To understand how Honeywell can support you through your transformation journey, read our latest whitepaper. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss how Honeywell can accelerate your digital transformation.


Avoid Business Disruption with Honeywell Remote Industrial Solutions

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged industrial production companies to maintain operations and productivity while ensuring worker safety. Honeywell is ready to help you navigate today, and future-proof tomorrow.

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Honeywell Remote Industrial Solutions can help you:

  • Keep projects running with minimal on-site staff, leading the majority of execution, testing and commissioning remotely to keep you on time and on budget,
  • Perform and predict maintenance needs remotely while supporting your onsite teams with technologies and experts on call to reduce downtime.
  • Manage ongoing controls and even stand-up separate operations centers in other locations of the plant, the corporate office or from anywhere off-site, including from home, to support key operational needs while keeping your workforce safe
  • Protect critical infrastructure and data with industrial grade cybersecurity software for secure remote connectivity and access whenever and from wherever it is needed.

Maintain Business Continuity
Industrial organizations around the globe are not only maintaining business continuity but transforming their business results through the use of remote operations technology and centralized collaboration centers.

A Remote Operations Center (ROC) enables safe and effective control, supporting your industrial operation from a remote location. ROCs are purpose-built facilities where experts operate and manage industrial sites from a distant, convenient, collaborative environment helping reduce errors, increase efficiency, and improve business agility and response time—resulting in an overall improvement to business performance.

Remote technology, such as Honeywell’s Experion® Augmented Remote Operations (ARO), provides you with the ability to securely support your existing control center from any remote location connected to the corporate intranet.

To learn more about Remote Operations Centers, view our latest guide..

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Execute Critical Projects
Using Honeywell’s cloud-based engineering platform for automation projects, your team can remotely collaborate with Honeywell engineers and associated engineering contractors to make sure that key activities in the engineering design can be implemented, tested, reviewed and approved.

Honeywell has successfully completed Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) where the customer tested the automation strategy in the virtual software environment, checked out the physical hardware themselves with the Honeywell engineer remotely supporting and documenting the test results.

Even commissioning of the new control system can be supported remotely with intelligent wearables such as a voice-responsive helmet and a remote expert on call.

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Provide Remote Monitoring
You can now securely and remotely monitor many of your key Honeywell assets including combustion equipment (Thermal IQ™), chamber-based thermal process equipment (Chamber IQ), fiscal flowmeters (Measurement IQ), terminal load controllers (ENTIS Remote), and flat sheet quality control scanners (QCS 4.0), to name a few.

Through a secure cloud connection, you can access critical process performance data anytime, anywhere on any smart device or desktop.

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Deliver Remote Maintenance
Honeywell’s extensive suite of remote maintenance offerings can help you operate from remote locations, secure physical access to sites, perform maintenance activities with reduced on-site staff, train operators and engineers in work from home environments, and reduce OPEX spend on needed spare parts.

Utilizing these offerings will help you mitigate operational risks, whilst optimizing OPEX spend.

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Keep Your Personnel Safe
As the lockdown ends, companies are thinking about how they bring their staff back to work and maintain a safe working environment. Honeywell’s Digitized Workforce Management (DWM) suite helps customers get a full and accurate view of workforce movements, including metrics to improve their safety, productivity and compliance.

Using a secure, web based system that integrates with thermal cameras testing for elevate body temperature, access control systems, enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and human resource management systems (HRMS), appropriate checks

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Stay Cyber Secure
When you need to provide remote access to plant personnel that are restricted from site or to Honeywell support teams (e.g. Field Service Technicians) looking to provide service support from their home internet connections, Honeywell provides an industrial grade, cybersecure, remote connection known as Secure Remote Access.

A strong cybersecure connection is especially critical when allowing access to personnel connected to the public internet, as fear of vulnerability to cyber-attack is one of the main reasons industrial customers have been reticent to adopt remote solutions in the past.

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