Improve Your Process And Safety Performance With ControlEdge™ HC900

Choose a system that can meet your diverse control requirements
Industrial customers today look for automation systems which are scalable, flexible, easily engineered and need minimum maintenance. There is also a need to improve safety and efficiency, increase availability, while maintaining the quality of their processes and finished-products. The ControlEdge HC900 system helps meet these rigorous demands whilst offering:

  • Simple Intuitive Tools for engineering, reducing training time by 50%
  • Powerful Function Blocks, reducing engineering time by up to 15%
  • Run Mode Editing, Online Monitoring, and debugging reducing downtime
  • Lowest product lifecycle cost (one-time software fee with free updates, free OPC server, free global phone support)
  • Reduced Inventory Cost with combined safety and process I/O
  • Minimize number of safety systems and cost through Dedicated Safety Networking to maintain SIL 2 control across large distributed systems

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