You too can reduce the upfront implementation costs by 10%.

All SmartLine transmitters are fully tested with Experion to provide a seamless integration and to avoid commissioning delays. The cloud-based tool promotes collaboration to expedite design, engineering and procurement to provide preconfigured transmitters on-site. Universal transmitter wiring eliminates wiring errors and modular design allows for late changes. The integrated Experion and Field Device Manager solution allows loop checkout from the control room and the auto-identification from Experion reduces overall commissioning time. Not to mention that using a single source provider simplifies overall project execution.

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You too can reduce the cost of your transmitters throughout their lifecycle up to 20%.

Transmitter messaging allows real-time communication between Experion and SmartLine instrument. increasing operator efficiency. Additional transmitter diagnostics identify the instruments ready for maintenance, increasing safety, improving process performance and reducing downtime. Field Device Manager allows early detection of issues through its dashboard, which shows the health status of all SmartLine instruments.

Replaceable modular components allows individual transmitter parts to be replaced in the field without a line break. This reduces maintenance costs and increases process uptime. Not to mention that integrated support contract makes assistance uncomplicated.

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Even one safety incident is one too many.

SmartLine transmitters· tamper alerts prevent un-authorized changes to transmitter configuration. either from the field or the control room. The write-protection options allow compliance to site safety practices.

SmartLine transmitters can be set into maintenance mode, automatically from the Experion control system. This prevents work to be done on a wrong transmitter. Not to mention that SmartLine transmitters are SIL 1 / SIL 2 / SIL 3 rated products.

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