SmartLine Products

The SmartLine Pressure, Wireless Pressure, Multivariable, Temperature and Level transmitters are based on a common platform and provide the same smart design, smart performance and smart user experience.

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SmartLine Pressure Transmitters feel right at home whether they are used in critical control, process monitoring or in fiscal and custody transfers. The differential, gauge, absolute, flanged and remote seal transmitters have industry leading performance, fast response time and long-term linear stability.

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SmartLine Wireless provides a scalable and future-proof wireless pressure measurement solution. The new series of transmitters is compliant with the ISA100 Wireless™ protocol and interoperates with other devices on the OneWireless™ network.

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SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter is a highly accurate and versatile instrument for differential pressure, static pressure, temperature, flow and level measurement. It is the best choice for a wide range of fluids, including high and low flow applications. Using a single device for a variety of needs leads to reduced hardware, Inventory, configuration, installation, maintenance and increased availability.

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SmartLine Temperature Transmitters are highly accurate and stable over a wide range of process and ambient temperatures. The field mounted SmartLine Temperature Transmitters are the most reliable and robust ln the Industry. They have hardwearing dual compartment housing and intuitive diagnostics for the transmitter and the sensor. The DIN rail mounted SmartLine Temperature Transmitters give you flexibility with their compact design and support of dual inputs.

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SmartLine Level Transmitters are the smart choice for a vast number of uses. They provide accurate level information even under the most challenging process and tank conditions.

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