SmartLine® Transmitters - So Smart, They Make Life Easy
Discover how Honeywell's SmartLine transmitters can make your life easier by delivering smart performance, smart design and a smart user experience.

How smart is SmartLine really?
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Smart Performance, Smart Design, Smart User Experience

SmartLine transmitters let you focus on running your plant. With their superior performance, innovative design and unparalleled user experience, SmartLine transmitters improve yield, reduce downtime and lower your overall costs. Above all, they improve safety. Now that's smart!

What are SmartLine Users Saying?

"We like the new features on the Honeywell SmartLine series of transmitters. The [universal terminal] is a great idea and very valuable to us ... also, we find the enhanced diagnostics and modular design very helpful."

Peter Evans - lnvista

"We recently experienced a fire, at our facility, which exposed a Honeywell SmartLine transmitter to extreme heat. Even though the display was damaged, the transmitter continued to function correctly, transmitting the correct pressure to the control room. Because of the modular design of the SmartLine transmitters, our local Honeywell representative was able to replace the display, while leaving the transmitter. Once the new display was snapped into the transmitter, it immediately began to correctly display the correct PV. We have over 50 Honeywell transmitters in our facility, and are completely satisfied with the performance and service they give us."

Jeff McDaniels -American Midstream

"Because of our positive experiences, we at Gaylord Chemical are transitioning to only using SmartLine Transmitters."

Steve Barber - Gaylord Chemical Company

"Our company uses a lot of Honeywell [SmartLine®] transmitters. We found that it is particularly maintenance-friendly due to the feature that the users don't need to distinguish between positive and negative polarity in the power supply to the transmitters. Also, this feature allows us to just connect the terminals without concerning about the polarity, thus speeding up the installation and maintenance. In addition, the modular design in the transmitters largely facilitates maintenance. As a result, we only need a few spare parts such as the display part, HART circuit board, and terminals to handle all the maintenance needs, thus greatly reducing our maintenance costs."

Wangmin Chji - Beijing Oda Co., Sinopec Catalysts Ltd.

SmartLine Connection Advantage

Users that have combined SmartLine transmitters with the Experion control system have reduced their upfront project costs by 10% and lifecycle costs up to 20%.
Expect more from your transmitter and control system integration. When SmartLine transmitters are combined with the Experion® control system, no other transmitter comes even close to reducing cost, increasing safety and improving efficiency.

Reduce Implementation Costs and Effort
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Simplify Operations and Lower Lifecycle Costs
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Improve Safety
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"Honeywell SmartLine transmitters are our preference because of their quality and advanced diagnostic features, including onboard local PV trend, modularity, reverse polarity and message display. Most importantly, we are looking for advantage of seamless integration of field instruments into Experion through FDM."

Ye Chan - Formosa Plastics Corporation

"[The Honeywell SmartLine®] features that we find outstanding are:

  • simple and user-friendly configuration interface
  • electrical connection without direct polarity
  • modular design

With regards to the transmitter functionality, we can visualize and remotely configure our [SmartLine] transmitters faster using our [FDM] asset management system and HART 7.'

Hector Morales - Pluspetrol

"[SmartLine®] instruments help with our check out time for new installations. If the Hart transmitter has the tag number configured, once the wires are terminated/point loaded into Experion PKS, we can see if all terminations are connected to the correct transmitter. This allows us to reduce our time during checkout of new equipment."

Jon Robertson - Hess

"For a desulfurization project, we selected Honeywell [SmartLine®] pressure transmitters with DE protocol to match with Honeywell [Experion®] DCS system. These transmitters are very reliable in communication and have fast speed of response, the unique self-diagnostic functions also enhanced our on-site trouble shooting capability."

Qingchun Meng - Tong Fang Environment Co. Ltd