SmartLine transmitters. So smart, they make life easy.

As a plant manager, you need to optimize your operations. You are under pressure to improve reliability, performance, and monitoring, and at the same time, reduce costs and headcounts. That means accomplishing more with fewer resources, operators, and technicians.

One way to do that is to use smarter field devices. Specifically, those transmitters you use to measure pressure, temperature, flow, and level are vital to safe and efficient production. Large industrial complexes need thousands of these transmitters, so small advantages and efficiencies really add up.

Discover how Honeywell's SmartLine transmitters can make your life easier by delivering smart performance, smart design and a smart user experience by watching this video.

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User Benefits

Smartline Product Range

Honeywell SmartLine Industrial Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter

SmartLine differential, gauge, absolute, flanged and remote seal transmitters have industry-leading performance, fast response time and long-term linear stability.

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Honeywell SmartLine Industrial Wireless Pressure Transmitter

Wireless Pressure Transmitter

SmartLine Wireless series of transmitters are compliant with the ISA100 WirelessTM protocol and interoperate with other devices on the OneWireless™ network.

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Honeywell SmartLine Industrial Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter

Industry’s first modular transmitters SmartLine Temperature Transmitters feature reliable head mount, single and dual compartment field mounted transmitters. DIN rail mounted transmitters provide flexibility with their compact design and dual inputs and outputs.

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Honeywell SmartLine Industrial Multivariable Pressure Transmitter

Multivariable Transmitter

SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter is a highly accurate and versatile instrument for differential transmitter, static pressure transmitter, temperature, flow and level measurement transmitter. It is the best choice for a wide range of fluids, including high and low flow applications.

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Honeywell SmartLine Industrial Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter

SmartLine Level Transmitters provide accurate level information even under the most challenging process and tank conditions.

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SmartLine transmitters let you focus on running your plant. With their superior performance, innovative design and unparalleled user experience, SmartLine transmitters improve yield, reduce downtime, and lower your overall costs. And above all, they improve safety.

SmartLine transmitters help:

Reduce downtime up to Reduce downtime up to 30%

Lower maintenance costs up to Lower maintenance costs up to 40%

Reduce calibration costs by Reduce calibration costs by 50%

Cut spares up to Cut spares up to 70%

Industry certifications and accreditations

SmartLine has all the required certifications to be fully compliant both at global level and in various countries. SmartLine is certified to FM, ATEX, CSA, and IECEx which are accepted standards in specific regions such us the US, Canada, the European Union, and Asia-Pacific.

Also, SmartLine has country-specific certifications that are required on top of the global certifications – such as PESO (India), INMETRO (Brazil), KOSHA (Korea), and NEPSI(China).

Certified dealership marine industry
Certified CSA
Certified by EurAsian Conformity
Respects the IECEx Standard
INMETRO certification for Brazil
Accident Prevention Kosha Standardization in Japan
Respects the Measuring Instruments Directive(MID)
Certified by NACE International Institute
Certified by ExNEPSI
PESO certification in India
Certified by SIL

What Customers Say

Man in Laboratory Testing Chemicals

“Because of our positive experiences, we at Gaylord Chemical are transitioning to only using SmartLine Transmitters. Some characteristics we appreciate are: Accuracy, Dependability, Modular design, Reduction of calibration requirements and Universal features.”

Steve Barber, Operations / Maintenance Coordinator, Gaylord Chemical Company

Gaylord Chemical operates a manufacturing facility and research and technology center in Louisiana, USA, and sells globally. The company manufactures dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfoxide, and dimethyl sulfone, which go into a number of end products, including pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, petrochemicals, inks, and solvents, as well as in semiconductor manufacturing.

Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Plant

“We like the new features on the Honeywell SmartLine series of transmitters. The polarity insensitivity is a great idea and very valuable to us. Also, we find the enhanced diagnostics and modular design very helpful.”

Peter Evans,
I&E Reliability Maintenance Leader, Invista

Invista, headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, US, is a major integrated fiber, resin and intermediates company. It has about 10,000 employees in over 20 countries worldwide. The polymers and chemical intermediates produced by Invista are the foundation for many of the plastics consumers use every day, and their fibers can be found in many of the clothes that everyone is wearing.

Industrial Plastics Manufacturing Plant

“Honeywell SmartLine transmitters are our preference because of quality and advanced diagnostic features. Most importantly, we are looking for the advantage of seamless integration of field instruments into Experion through FDM.”

Ye Chan,
Formosa Plastics Corporation

Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A. is a supplier of plastic resins and petrochemicals headquartered in Livingston, New Jersey. With annual revenues of more than $5 billion, Formosa employs nearly 2,900 people who operate over 20 production units in five business units – Olefins, Polyolefins, Vinyl, Specialty Polyvinyl Chloride, and Chlor-Alkali.

For Honeywell Experion Users

Experion Connection Advantage

The SmartLine Connection Advantage provides unsurpassed field device integration with the Honeywell flagship control system, Experion PKS. This holistic approach allows control and instrumentation departments to collaborate on operational improvements. This approach also transforms the traditional complexity of automation projects into a user-friendly process and adds value to the entire plant lifecycle.

Furthermore, the SmartLine Connection Advantage provides dramatic reduction in instrument-related work, simplifies maintenance and lowers lifecycle cost, and improves efficiency and safety.

Application and Validation Tool

SmartLine Application and Validation Tool: Bringing Knowledge to Your Experts

To help you find the right Honeywell SmartLine transmitter for your application, we have introduced the SmartLine Application and Validation (AVT) tool. AVT is a license & password-free cloud-based tool that can help you in selecting the right technology and configuring the right transmitters so that the factory can ship a pre-engineered product for an out-of-box trouble-free experience.

Visualizing the mounting on the vessel, checking the sensing probe obstruction by the agitator for a level application is no longer a challenge. Clean and simple visualization helps in taking an informed decision. It does not end here, wetted and not wetted parts of the field instrument, different process connections are explained using the 3D model.

Take benefits of using AVT:

  • Intuitive design
  • Free access
  • Real-time sharing
  • Save time and money
  • Facilitate cooperation among global teams
  • Bring knowledge to young engineers

Watch this video and discover how easy it is to use AVT:


Go to SmartLine Application and Validation Tool and configure your solution.


How to Use the Application & Validation Tool in 5 Easy Steps:

How to use the Honeywell SmartLine Applications and Validation Tool in 5 steps

What are SmartLine Transmitters?

Exploded view of a Honeywell Industrial transmitter

Industrial transmitters are electronic devices designed to provide accurate measurements in terms of pressure, static pressure, temperature, flow, and level measurement.

The use of transmitters allows for the monitoring and control of processes and applications (such as gas flow metering), thus ensuring the reliability of processes, stability, and safety.

Digital transmitters, also known as smart instruments, are designed to send enhanced digital signals to a remote measurement or automated control equipment.

Digital signals comprise distinct values that can be combined to represent different variables. Digital transmitters also have inbuilt microprocessors that allow them to have diagnostic capabilities.

A Honeywell transmitter is highly accurate and versatile instruments for a vast number of uses – providing accurate information under the most challenging process conditions.

SmartLine transmitter and Experion PKS data is also compatible with Honeywell Forge for Industrial, the leading Enterprise Performance Management solution, enabling industrial companies to optimize their operations and sustain peak performance across process, assets and people with intelligent, actionable recommendations.

About Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) helps industrial customers around the world operate safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable, and more profitable facilities.

We offer leading technologies from the plant floor to the boardroom as well as comprehensive lifecycle services that help to ensure more productive and stable operations.

A business unit of Honeywell International, HPS has pioneered process automation control for more that 40 years with a continuous evolution from legacy process control systems to today’s leading innovations such as Experion PKS, protecting our customer’s investments in automation assets.

With more than 12,000 employees around the world, HPS has the global expertise and breadth of resources to execute projects of very size and complexity in the oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, industrial power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels, life sciences, and metals, minerals, and mining industries.

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Discover how Honeywell’s SmartLine transmitters can make your life easier by delivering smart performance, smart design, and a smart user experience.

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