Discover how Cloud-Driven Process Historians deliver richer insight for strategic decisions

A dramatic shift is occurring in the process industries as industrial companies gain an appreciation for the potential impact that cloud and big data could have on their operations. Cloud is the enabler for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which has the power to transform every aspect of a business, not least the strategically important process historian function.
In fact, cloud needs a process historian for big data to be fully exploited. This is because the effective deployment of IIoT requires three things:
  • The ability to securely gather and access large amounts of data
  • Analytics technology to make sense of the data
  • Domain expertise to determine how to act upon the data
So, as industrial companies begin to transform themselves digitally, process historians must similarly evolve to unlock the potential of IIoT.
This white paper examines the ideal way to migrate process historians to the cloud and the benefit these next generation systems will have on users, and the business.
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