Webinars 2019

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UniSim Design for Refining in 2020: Challenges & Opportunities A disruptive change is just around the corner for the refining sector. The refining industry is gearing up for the big challenge of implementing new tighter global bunker fuel specifications known as “IMO 2020”. However, IMO 2020 could also be an opportunity for complex refineries if options can be evaluated effectively using the right tools. UniSim Design for Refining provides a solution for refineries, whether the long lead investments for this change are completed, underway, or currently under evaluation. On Demand
New Simulation Options with UniSim EvOlution (EO) Modeling This webinar will focus on the advantages of the EvOlution environment and examples of how to build and solve models in it. We will also cover how users can create their own unit operations in that environment with our simple and easy-to-use modeling language. On Demand
[Live DEMO] UniSim Design Productivity tools: Reduce time on your routine tasks UniSim Design Suite helps process industries to improve productivity and making process simulation more effective & efficient via Productivity tools. This Webinar will cover details on productivity tools including the Case Scenario Manager and the Simulation Balance Tool, followed by a short demo! On Demand
UniSim Design for Updating your LP Vectors UniSim R461 provides LP vector generation functionalities to update LP vectors efficiently & effectively. UniSim Design offers rigorous refinery models which accurately represent refining units as the “Digital Twin” to provide up-to-date data for planning models automatically. On Demand
Optimize Capital Investment via Accurate Blowdown Vessel Design Accurate design of blowdown systems is essential. UniSim Design’s Equation Oriented based Blowdown tool was developed and validated based on industry standards that help to increases accuracy and minimize over-design. On Demand
Fluid Optimization with UniSim Design In this webinar, you will learn about the Fluid Optimizer tool in UniSim Design and see how it can be used to help solve some of the complex fluids encountered in many industries. On Demand
How to Optimize your NGL Plant with UniSim Design in EO To optimize the NGLs recovery process, it is essential to have access to many parameters and operating conditions which impact the performance of the unit, and quite often simulating tools are used to optimize the design as well as performance of operating units.
UniSim Design has a proven track record as a simulation package for NGL plant optimization. In this webinar, you will see the next generation modelling capabilities of UniSim Design for NGL plant optimization.
On Demand
New R470 Release Webinar This webinar introduces to the UniSim Design R470 release. This could be particularly useful for customers upgrading to R470. On Demand
Simplify Crude Assay Importing in UniSim Design by Utilizing H/CAMS Haverly H/CAMS is the industry leading assay crude management software with over 2000 assays. UniSim Design links to Haverly H/CAMS via a COM interface and allows to import proprietary assays with just few clicks into UniSim Design. This functionality increases engineering effectiveness, eliminates room for manual data entry, and makes it easier to model crude storage facilities and refining processes. On Demand

Webinars 2020

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Jan.28th Learn how to easily design & evaluate project costs. In this co-hosted webinar by Honeywell and Cleopatra Enterprise, you will learn how you can integrate Honeywell’s UniSim Design process simulation suite with Cleopatra Enterprise, the project cost management software. This streamlined integration allows engineers to quickly evaluate the relationship between the process simulation results and the project costs. Join this webinar to see a live demo and learn how you can design your process & evaluate both fixed and variable project costs quickly & accurately. Register Now
Feb.19th Is Tuning & Calibration of your Reactors giving your Process Engineers too much stress? Frequently changing feed and product qualities requires Process Engineers to continuously tune their models. A poorly calibrated model would provide incurrate results, thereby reducing ROI. Join this webinar to learn how UniSim's Parameter Calibration Utility utilizes the NOVA Optimizer to auto-calibrate kinetic refining reactor models using multiple datasets from the plant and thereby simplifying the Refinery Process Engineers' workflow and also reducing the recurring calibration costs. Register Now
Mar.19th UniSim Dynamics and its' application for Olefins Plant Flare minimization In this co-hosted webinar by Honeywell and SABIC, you will learn about enhancements in UniSim Dynamics that will help you to improve ease of use. You will see how SABIC utilized UniSim Dynamics to validate the dynamic changes in real plant operation. SABIC will discuss a study related to their Cracked Gas Compressor (CGC), which was modeled using UniSim dynamics and enabled SABIC to validate the results related to minimum inventory, peak flow rate, pressure profiles and more. Register Now
Apr.15th Optimize your LNG plant with rigorous equation-based operations. For LNG production optimization, it is essential to have a model with access to many parameters and operating conditions which impact the performance of the unit. The UniSim Design EO platform is unique in providing extensive optimization capabilities, including lifecycle modeling and online optimization utilizing real-time data. Come join us and take a look at this live demo of UniSim Design for LNG process modeling and optimization. Register Now
May.12th High-Fidelity Mining Concentrator Plant Simulation for Engineering Studies and Operator Training Leveraging UniSim Design for Metal, Mining and Minerals (MMM) processes provides operating companies a unique competitive advantage. UniSim Design’s OpenArt architecture enables you to define and configure key MMM specific unit operations like Ball Mill, Crusher, Floatation Cell, Hydrocyclone, Rod Mill, SAG Mill and Verti Mill. Join this webinar to learn how Karios Process Engineers unlocked the power of UniSim Design’s flowsheeting capabilities to build MMM specific models for Process Engineering and Design. Register Now
Jun.11th Gain Operational Insights to your Refining Reactors' Catalyst Activity Follow the real-world story of how UniSim Design is being utilized to optimize reactor runlength and reduce turnaround costs. This webinar will showcase the optimization of this balancing act via a Fixed Bed Catalytic Reformer, a critical unit for the refinery. Join us to understand how UniSim's Catalytic Reforming unit, using proprietary catalyst deactivation correlations, provides process engineers the insights needed to determine the remaining reactor run length. Register Now
Jul.14th Learn how to implement rigorous heat exchanger models into your process simulation. Honeywell and HTRI have collaborated to combine HTRI’s highly accurate heat exchanger calculations with UniSim Design’s rigorous thermodynamics. This integration has been enhanced by enabling the HTRI calculation routines to run within UniSim Design, resulting in improved overall modeling performance & solution speed. In this webinar, you will see a live demo of the integrated solution (XSimOp) and learn how you can use this functionality in your own models to improve both the accuracy and performance. Register Now
Aug.12th Build refinery models quickly and easily to support your LP model. In this webinar we will showcase UniSim Design's refinery-wide flowsheeting capabilities. These capabilities span the beginning-to-end design, use, and exporting results of a refinery model. First, attendees will see how easy is to create a model from scratch utilizing UniSim Design's 'drag & drop' refining reactor templates. Finally, we will showcase the product blender model and LP vector generation applications in UniSim Design, which help to easily update your planning tools. Coming Soon...
Sep.8th Reach a new level of sulfur recovery unit modeling efficiency & accuracy. Combining the sulfur recovery expertise of Honeywell’s Ortloff engineers with the efficiency and accuracy of the UniSim Design process simulation platform, we have created a powerful and easy-to-use sulfur recovery unit model. In this webinar, you will see how to use the new SRU functionality in UniSim Design, and how you can use the model to accurately evaluate & optimize your existing units for normal operation as well as debottlenecking projects. Coming Soon...
Oct.8th Improved and faster decision making on crude blend compatibility Most refineries are taking advantages of opportunity crudes to process cheaper crude blends and thus increase refining margins. While the decision to blend cheaper crudes might seem obvious, incorrectly blended crude oils can precipitate asphaltenes, which can impact the pre-heat train performance. Join this webinar to learn how UniSim Design can support faster decision making by supporting refineries to estimate crude blend compatibility, utilizing the Crude Assay data. Register Now
Nov.5th New Features & Functionality This webinar will showcase all of the new features & functionality of the newest version of the Honeywell Forge Process Simulation Software. Join us to learn more about all of the improvements we have made and some sneek peeks into the future. Coming Soon...
Dec.2nd Tips and Tricks for Honeywell Forge Process Simulation Honeywell has added many features to Honeywell Forge Process Simulation to enable Engineers to complete their work quickly and effectively. This webinar will introduce some of these features, covering areas such as model navigation, notes, use of the PFD, spreadsheets and user preferences. Register Now


Course Date Location
4526 – Process Simulation: Fundamentals
June 2-3
Oct 19-20
4527 – Process Simulation: Advanced
May 19-20
June 4-5
4528 – Process Simulation: Fundamentals - Dynamic
June 8-10