Industrial Automation and Control Solutions from Honeywell

Industrial Automation and Control Solutions from Honeywell

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Improve Your Critical Gas Industry Operations with the EC 350 Gas Volume Corrector

​Honeywell Mercury’s EC 350 purpose-built, high-performance electronic volume corrector (EVC)  offers improved accuracy, expanded memory, increased battery life, advanced diagnostics, and integrated cellular communications.

Proactively Monitor, Measure and Manage Industrial Cyber Security Risk

​Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager is the first solution to provide users in industrial plants with real-time visibility, understanding & decision support required to tackle cyber security risks.

Honeywell Process Solutions opens Industrial Cyber Security Lab in Georgia, USA

​A world-class environment where Honeywell develops and tests new cyber security solutions to defend industrial plants and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Scanning Measurement Redefined with Honeywell ZipLine™

​​With 90% fewer parts than traditional O-frame scanners, easy installation and maintenance, and high performance measurement, Honeywell ZipLine™ offers unparalleled value.

Join us for the 40th anniversary of Honeywell Users Group Americas

​We are celebrating 40 years of knowledge and innovation at the 2015 Honeywell Users Group in Texas. Register now to experience one of the biggest technological conferences in the industry. ​


World Gas Conference (WGC) 2015
June 1-5, 2015
Paris, France
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  • Did you know?

    • LeanExecution
      LEAP can cut capital costs by 30%​

    • We are #1 in advanced solutions for process industries and the premier supplier of QCS in pulp and paper. ​

    • We are in every corner of the world with 18 support centers, more than 200 offices and over 2,000 engineers. ​

    • After completing 4,000 energy and emission reducing projects, Honeywell has saved customers over $3 billion.​

    • Honeywell installed the largest FOUNDATION Fieldbus project in the world at a gas-to-liquids plant. ​

    • Using Honeywell technology, the US and Europe could each reduce energy consumption by 85%.​

    • Honeywell’s safety controls are in 40% of the world’s LNG carrier fleet, ensuring safe transport of natural gas.​