Industrial Automation and Control Solutions from Honeywell

Industrial Automation and Control Solutions from Honeywell

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ICS Shield

​Top-down OT cyber security management solution for securing connected ICS/SCADA environments. 

Plant and Personnel Safety Solutions

​Honeywell Connects the Latest Technology to Over a Hundred Years of Process Knowhow to Improve Safety​

Uniformance Suite: Celebrating 20 Years

​Discover in an animated & interactive infographic the key milestones from 20 years of Uniformance, including innovation advances, technology investments and new releases.

Shop for Honeywell Gas Spare Parts at

This includes replacement parts and accessories for rotary meters, turbine meters, AFVs and pilots.​

Introducing Experion Elevate

​Experion® Elevate is real-time SCADA delivered as a secure and scalable service that provides predictable costs, continual support, and is always up to date.

LEAP™ is Evolving: More Integrated. More Synergies. Less Work.

​LEAP™ for Operations extends LEAP efficiency principles to provide a step change in operational productivity and throughput. 



Northsea Flow Measurement Workshop 2017
October 24-26
Toenberg, Norway
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  • Did you know?

    • SMX

      ​Malware via removable media is the #2 ICS threat. SMX helps you protect against current & emerging USB-borne cyber threats.

    • RTU2020
      ControlEdge RTU can reduce equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes.​
    • LeanExecution
      LEAP can cut capital costs by 30%​

    • We are #1 in advanced solutions for process industries and the premier supplier of QCS in pulp and paper. ​

    • We are in every corner of the world with 18 support centers, more than 200 offices and over 2,000 engineers. ​

    • After completing 4,000 energy and emission reducing projects, Honeywell has saved customers over $3 billion.​

    • Honeywell installed the largest FOUNDATION Fieldbus project in the world at a gas-to-liquids plant. ​

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