Industrial Automation and Control Solutions from Honeywell

Industrial Automation and Control Solutions from Honeywell

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You Asked. We listened.

​As a direct result of your feedback and collaboration, we are pleased to share with you the transformation of our Support Portal into your Customer Support Community. 

Honeywell Teams with Intel Security to Secure Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Internet of Things

​Collaboration will provide customers with enhanced security software to protect their control systems from malware and misuse.

Experience Process Automation Training with Real-world Plant Exposure

​Honeywell’s new Technical Development Program offers training with hands-on experience in a fully operational plant environment using state-of-the-art process instrumentation and automation technologies.

Improve Your Critical Gas Industry Operations with the EC 350 Gas Volume Corrector

​Honeywell Mercury’s EC 350 purpose-built, high-performance electronic volume corrector (EVC)  offers improved accuracy, expanded memory, increased battery life, advanced diagnostics, and integrated cellular communications.

Proactively Monitor, Measure and Manage Industrial Cyber Security Risk

​Honeywell’s Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager is the first solution to provide users in industrial plants with real-time visibility, understanding & decision support required to tackle cyber security risks.


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  • Did you know?

    • LeanExecution
      LEAP can cut capital costs by 30%​

    • We are #1 in advanced solutions for process industries and the premier supplier of QCS in pulp and paper. ​

    • We are in every corner of the world with 18 support centers, more than 200 offices and over 2,000 engineers. ​

    • After completing 4,000 energy and emission reducing projects, Honeywell has saved customers over $3 billion.​

    • Honeywell installed the largest FOUNDATION Fieldbus project in the world at a gas-to-liquids plant. ​

    • Using Honeywell technology, the US and Europe could each reduce energy consumption by 85%.​

    • Honeywell’s safety controls are in 40% of the world’s LNG carrier fleet, ensuring safe transport of natural gas.​