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Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 22 Jan 2021 |  Size: 1MB
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 20 Jan 2021 |  Size: 2MB
Marathon Petroleum and Honeywell eliminate obsolete equipment while upgrading to modern technology. Read the case study to know more.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 9 Oct 2020 |  Size: 1MB
Integrating SmartLine® with Experion® enables OMV Petrom – Petrobrazi Refinery to increase overall homogeneity and stability of their system
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 27 Aug 2020 |  Size: 390KB
For a Canadian renewable and clean energy provider, an innovative battery energy storage system helped to address electric consumption requirements and reduce costs for customers while supporting a vision for a sustainable future.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 15 May 2020 |  Size: 1MB
The Honeywell METRo solution has positively transformed SES Water's meter reading capability in the South East region of the UK.
1-5 of 5 results

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