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Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 7 May 2019 |  Size: 385KB
For this heavy rare earth Browns Range Pilot Plant, developed by engineering, procurement and construction group Sinosteel, Honeywell was chosen to provide the control system, using its ControlEdge™ PLC and ControlEdge™ RTU hardware, as well as the control strategy configuration, HMI design and commissioning support.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 24 Apr 2019 |  Size: 416KB
Honeywell's Q4000 delivers high-accuracy, reliability and low lifetime cost in a unique environment
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 24 Apr 2019 |  Size: 3MB
The City of Matlosana proves use cases, and delivers benefits for utilising NB-IoT as a communication technology for smart water and electricity metering deployments.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 24 Jan 2019 |  Size: 1MB
DuPont case study for Spruance Works facility, use of Experion PKS and EIM.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 23 Nov 2018 |  Size: 263KB
Nuisance alarms were overwhelming the Energy Complex’s traditional printer-and-CRT control-room monitoring, as well as their operators. With hundreds or thousands of alarms during an upset, it became difficult for operators and management to clearly and quickly identify real problems through the noise. RTU-CBM Wellhead-Sept2017-UPDATED-Word-ru-RU-PST.pdf
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 8 Nov 2018 |  Size: 1MB
Russian language version of RTU wellhead case study
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 3 Sep 2018 |  Size: 1MB
Ice cream manufacturer Froneri used Honeywell’s migration tools and in-depth expertise to move to the latest control technology while making maximum use of its existing assets for an efficient, fast and smooth migration.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 30 Jul 2018 |  Size: 1MB
As the general contractor of the FSRU project, Wison Offshore & Marine faced a major challenge to achieve control and monitoring of ships and process units through an integrated design.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 11 Jul 2018 |  Size: 400KB
JX Nippon used Computer Fluid Dynamics modelling (CFD) for more effective, efficient and scientific detection analysis to configure its fire and gas detector location on the Helang offshore platform in Malaysia.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 5 Jul 2018 |  Size: 162KB
Mining company accelerates startup, increases production/revenue and reduces costs with PlantCruise distributed control solution.
1-10 of 687 results

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