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Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 4 Nov 2015 |  Size: 97KB
Motiva Successfully Migrates from TDC 2000 to Experion® PKS
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 10 Jun 2015 |  Size: 224KB
Honeywell and Tronox worked together on a control system upgrade that addressed obsolescence issues associated with the R201 installed base and executed it in a manner that minimized the impact on Tronox operations.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 22 Sep 2014 |  Size: 232KB
Total has been able to extend its existing automaton assets while upgrading legacy TDC 2000 control systems to Honeywell’s Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) technology.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 29 Apr 2014 |  Size: 185KB
Marathon Petroleum’s Galveston Bay Division Embarks on Multi-Year Upgrade Path

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Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 3 Sep 2013 |  Size: 414KB
The process control system at Dolphin Energy included five separate areas to be addressed. Obsolescence was a key driving influence, with obsolete server and station hardware platforms, out of support Windows operating system software, and Experion R210 that required upgrading.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 12 Aug 2013 |  Size: 159KB
Experion PKS was chosen as the core control platform to provide basic process control and safeguarding functions, as well as anti-surge control and compressor equipment protection.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 10 Apr 2013 |  Size: 191KB
Despite an incredibly tight time frame, Honeywell was able to migrate the existing TPS-FF solution to its C300 controller to give the plant best-in-class process control and support for a wide variety of process control situations.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 15 Jan 2013 |  Size: 186KB
Using a flexible instrument asset management solution (IAMS) based on FDM, combined with Experion PKS, Shell was able to safely and quickly program and commission 1,200 HART devices from a wide variety of vendors.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 20 Dec 2012 |  Size: 168KB
SEACON provides engineering and configuration services for the design, implementation, installation, and start-up of process control systems. They have seen how these systems perform in real life.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 14 Nov 2012 |  Size: 207KB
Montana-Dakota Utilities will realize significant cost savings with the water treatment upgrade through improvements in efficiency.
1-10 of 16 results

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