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Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 20 Aug 2009 |  Size: 1MB
Nirma Optimizes Production and Reduces Energy Consumption with Honeywell's Advanced Process Control Solution
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 20 Jul 2009 |  Size: 1MB
Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company improved productivity and energy efficiency with Honeywell’s advanced process control solutions.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 16 Jan 2007 |  Size: 132KB
Basell chose Honeywell to implement a multivariable control solution with integrated dynamic optimization because it offered the most cost-effective and practical approach to solving the problem.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 27 Sep 2006 |  Size: 101KB
Contains the success of a collaborative optimization solution with Honeywell to increase production capacity but also to improve operating efficiency Optimization of Profit and Olefin Production.pdf
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 22 Oct 2004 |  Size: 2MB
Presentation from HUG 2004 regarding applciation of Profit Controller and Profit Optimizerfor feed and product Optimization by LG Petrochemicals
11-15 of 15 results

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