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Sep 4

Overcoming the Challenge of Managing Industrial Cyber Security at Your Facility and Reduce Your Risk from Cyber Threats
Tuesday, Sep 4
Session 1:
EET - Eastern European Time ( Europe UTC + 2 hours )
Session 2:
EET - Eastern European Time ( Europe UTC + 2 hours )

​In today’s world, cyber security is necessary to ensure critical automation systems remain safe and fully operational. However, implementing cyber security controls is a very technical and labor intensive task.

Honeywell’s CyberVantage™ Managed Security Services is designed to take this effort off the task list of process control engineers and put it into the hands of industrial cyber security experts, at a fraction of the financial investment. Reduce operational downtime and lower cyber risk with support from Honeywell:
  • Honeywell collects, monitors, alerts and reports on customer Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) log data – providing intrusion detection with expert threat correlation and analysis.
  • Honeywell securely connects and transfers plant information to designated sites or third-party cloud providers for site-to-site transfers with security controls and encryption for an alternative to sharing across vulnerable corporate intranets. Security and operational data can be safely reviewed by experts for productivity, reliability and availability insights.
  • Industrial cyber security expertise is provided 24 hours a day, with Honeywell Managed Security Centers in Houston, Bucharest and now Singapore for follow-the-sun, continuous cyber security.
  • Honeywell cyber experts install, configure and manage security devices, supporting in-house engineering teams. We’re now also adding ICS Shield™ to existing firewall, IDS/IPS, Honeywell Risk Manager and Secure Media Exchange (SMX) offerings.
  • Honeywell’s ability to offer multi-vendor Distributed Control System security services across multiple sites provides an enterprise approach to industrial cyber security unmatched in the market today. Multi-vendor support can include interactive activity and trend reporting; secure remote access and support; patch and antivirus updates; and continuous security and performance monitoring.
Join this live webinar and learn more about Honeywell’s managed security services and best practices that can help you overcome the challenge of managing industrial cyber security and reduce your cyber risks.

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