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Upcoming Webinar


Jun 14

Symphonite™ CDP Serving the LNG Market
Wednesday, Jun 14
Session 1:
CEST - Central European Summer Time (Europe UTC + 2 hours)
Session 2:
CEST - Central European Summer Time (Europe UTC + 2 hours)

The tightening of environmental norms and a need to give cities clean air is pushing the world to set its infrastructure to produce, transport and consume LNG. LNG is a cleaner and cost effective alternative to fuels such as coal and crude oil.

Given that LNG is available in abundance, its trade is set to surge. Symphonite CDP’s planning and visualization capabilities puts Honeywell in a good position to serve this segment. It has the ability to simulate and visualize multiple planning scenarios to take informed decisions collaboratively.  In this webinar we will introduce you to CDP giving a flavor of its core functionalities and its application to LNG. You will also learn on key value drives of CDP to  your LNG business.

  • Webinars On-Demand

    • 28 Apr 2017
      Uniformance Asset Sentinel - Reducing Unplanned Capacity Loss through Real-time Process & Equipment Surveillance

      Watch this 60-minute webinar to learn how Uniformance Asset Sentinel's “digital twin" technology can automate the surveillance of hundreds or even thousands of assets from a single site or across an enterprise to anticipate potential problems and minimize unplanned capacity loss and protect your bottom line.

    • 14 Apr 2017
      Out-of-Box Operator Guidance and Alarm Help for Honeywell UOP Process Units

      Taking the wrong course of action on a seemingly innocuous alarm can cause catastrophic equipment damage, bringing a process to its knees within minutes. How operators deal with these incidents can be the difference between returning to normal control quickly, or a million dollar price tag on a unplanned shutdown. Honeywell’s DynAMo Solutions Suite for UOP is designed to reduce the risk of operator error by providing real-time alarm help, out-of-the-box, for UOP related process alarms. Guiding operators to the correct course of action, in any situation, all of the time. Join our on-demand webinar and discover more about operator guidance and alarm help for reduced risk and safer plant operations.

    • 14 Apr 2017
      Easy access to plant operational data with Uniformance Insight

      Watch this 60-minute webinar to learn how Uniformance Insight: • Correlates traditional historian tags with KPIs, asset health and other application data – all in one tool • Enables easy collaboration with others • Allows users to log in using any web browser on their network to share trends, dashboards and more via a link • Easy drag/drop trending helps users find the root cause of issues faster

Scheduled Webinar 

  • A Footprint for IIoT Integration - from Field Device to Control Room
    28 Jun 2017
    Session 1: EST - Eastern Standard Time ( North America UTC - 5 hours )
    Session 2: EST - Eastern Standard Time ( North America UTC - 5 hours )
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