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Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 28 Mar 2016 |  Size: 163KB
Implementation of APC strategies and Honeywell Profit Suite as part of BPCL's refinery modernization resulted in improved profitability through increased production and energy efficiency, and reduced operating costs.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 15 Apr 2014 |  Size: 143KB
Profit® Suite Applications Maximize Profitability for Petrotel-Lukoil Refinery in Romania
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 7 Sep 2011 |  Size: 93KB
Hellenic Success Story Final
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 2 Nov 2009 |  Size: 117KB
Paper Mill Case Study: Profit Controller and Profit Optimizer were implemented for a sludge treatment project at UPM’s mill in Kaipola, Finland.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 20 Aug 2009 |  Size: 1MB
Nirma Optimizes Production and Reduces Energy Consumption with Honeywell's Advanced Process Control Solution Story_SECCO_Optimization.pdf
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 21 May 2007 |  Size: 132KB
Contains success story about how SECCO Maximized EBSM Unit Profitability with Honeywell’s Optimization Solution
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 16 Jan 2007 |  Size: 132KB
Basell chose Honeywell to implement a multivariable control solution with integrated dynamic optimization because it offered the most cost-effective and practical approach to solving the problem.
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 27 Sep 2006 |  Size: 101KB
Contains the success of a collaborative optimization solution with Honeywell to increase production capacity but also to improve operating efficiency Optimization of Profit and Olefin Production.pdf
Document Type: Case Study |  Date Authored: 22 Oct 2004 |  Size: 2MB
Presentation from HUG 2004 regarding applciation of Profit Controller and Profit Optimizerfor feed and product Optimization by LG Petrochemicals
1-9 of 9 results

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