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    • 9 Jun 2021
      UDC2800 Industrial Applications Whitepaper

      Customer’s challenges around accuracy, configuration, reliability and tuning are increasing with rigor demand. It is worth examining each of these in turn and check out Honeywell’s solution to them: UDC2800.

    • 12 Jun 2020
      Remote Migration Services Whitepaper

      Rely on innovative remote technologies to leverage your workforce and control assets to keep your business moving forward. Read the whitepaper to learn more.

    • 26 May 2020

      In today’s world, we are facing an increasing pressure on taking action to temper the climate change. Think about the growing public support for climate supporting measures, or the commitment of the European Community to reduce CO2 emission by 40% in 2030 and even to become carbon neutral in 2050. Globally we emit about 35 billion tons of CO2 each year. Approximately 70% is generated by coal or oil combustion in transportation and in power generating plants. Around 25% is emitted by thermal appliances in a wide variety of applications in the manufacturing industry and in commercial heating. Most of these thermal appliances are natural gas fired (+/- 90%), only a small part is light oil fired. Thermal appliances in the process industry is the sweet spot of the core activities of Honeywell Thermal Solutions.

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